According to Brand New reporting from The Washington Post, President Trump personally pushed United States Postal Service head Megan Brennan to jack up shipping prices on Amazon along with other firms.

The story comes from unnamed sources, who suggest that, thus far, the postmaster general has held out against pressure from the president. If enacted, the new pricing arrangement would likely cost the online retailer and others billions.  

Amazon was in Trump’s crosshairs from a moment, of course. In late March, he chose to Twitter to personally call out a “scam” he thought was costing the USPS “billions,” writing, “In the event the P.O. ‘increased its own parcel rates, Amazon’s shipping costs would climb by $2.6 Billion. ’ This Post Office scam must cease. Amazon must pay real costs (and taxes) now! ”

Brennan has allegedly pushed back on the notion that deals with companies like Amazon are a lousy bargain for the postal company, offering proof of the upsides of these ventures in meetings with the president. She has also noted that these multiyear contracts wouldn’t be simple to break.

But Trump’therefore complaint of Amazon clearly has a personal element. Here’s a wonderful compendium of many occasions he’s gone after the company and its owner Jeff Bezos on Twitter — at least during late-March. The criticism really started to hit its stride around 2015. Bezos, naturally, also have The Washington Post, a paper Trump has regularly known for reporting “fake news. ” 

Further clouding this is the fact that the USPS hasn’t released the specifics of its pricing agreements using Amazon, for fear of awarded competing delivery solutions “an unfair advantage. ” It’s, however, insisted it’s made cash on its own prices with Amazon, in spite of how the agency reported that a $2.7 billion reduction at 2017.

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