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  1. Cee John says:

    Helicopter ride over NYC where I live is only 140 Dollars. Hotel room is 500 a night maybe or Air B &B even cheaper? Im middle class and have done these things you’re showing us. Impress me with more bro. Where’s the mansion and Lamborghini?

  2. Duct_Tape Heart says:

    The comments are funny 😂
    One thing I’ve noticed about people who are very well off (at least more well off than me) is that they are comfortable being impressed! It’s okay to say “WOW! That’s cool!!! This is great!”
    Poor people tend to act blasé like they’ve seen it all before 💁🏾 That leads to spending more money on new things and new forms of entertainment trying to outdo each other and experiences you’ve already had…
    A hotel is a bed, a bath, coffee, and a view. Obviously, some views are better than others, and some hotels are cleaner than others, but coming from the hospitality industry myself, I can honestly tell you that they are more or less the same after a certain level. The value is in the perception and the quality of customer service increases with your attitude.

  3. Mansur Zulfakar says:

    Dude's like "thats central park right there!" like one tree peaking out behind a building…..this video is so cringe

  4. Darius T. says:

    This is a joke… lol… I've stayed in rooms with far better views and I'm not even a millionaire….yet smh

  5. kia kia says:

    what kind of music is this called.

  6. Kevin says:

    I've stayed at a better suite at the Waldorf Astoria. Way better views, but I didn't even have to pay for it.

  7. MOVIE CREEP says:

    I am feeling suffocation by watching this

  8. Gabriela Lik says:

    i don’t want to hate because the hotel is amazing but the view not really. No hate xx

  9. Wong Wai-Kit says:

    I thought millionaires banging celebrities every night

  10. desi thingzz says:

    It's fuckin ugly . Once just look at Toronto,canada😂😂😂😂

  11. Φάντασμα είκοσι-τρία says:

    Broke bitches stay hatting..

  12. Killjoy0329 says:

    I watch these videos so I know what I want my future to be like, how about you? Why do YOU watch it?

  13. fake hacker says:

    0:18 music.

  14. Mark Lance says:

    I bet they fucked.

  15. Florin Popescu says:

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  16. Josh Samuel says:

    Jesus loves you.

  17. Timon says:

    "that has to be one of the most incredible dining experience I've ever had"……what are you talking about? they barely gave you any food.

  18. CeMore Moneybag says:

    The thumbnail is dumb. Doesn't get me excited at all lmao. Just a nigga sitting alone in an empty bathtub staring out the window at the sides of ugly corporate buildings.

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