RVH Lifestyles Generation 2 RVHauler Bed Rotisserie

Who We Are

We are located in the “Heart of America” – southeast Kansas.

RVH offers products, services and consulting to help you choose an appropriate tow vehicle, enhance that tow vehicle with products and services, and select an appropriate trailer.

We live the RVing lifestyle – collectively we have over sixty years of RV experience, with twenty years of fulltime RV living. We also have decades of experience pulling large fifth wheel recreational vehicles with HDTs (Heavy Duty Trucks). Our eighteen years of hauler bed design have cumulated in the next generation of bed, providing what we believe is an industry leading product.

RVH Lifestyles is truly a one stop shop for your full timing needs. We’ve created quality control processes and a professional network of alliance partners that enable us to offer customers an indoor retail showroom, HDT mechanical shop and fabrication facilities, etc. We are located in the “Heart of America” – southeast Kansas.

What We Do
New HDT Tow Vehicles
• We custom order new HDTs specifically configured for the RV Lifestyle. Competitively priced Volvo tractors that can pull your RV, large horse trailer, or race trailer safely and efficiently.

Used HDT Tow Vehicles
• We specialize in providing high quality, clean, reliable, used Volvo trucks for the recreational towing market.
• Low mileage: typically under 300,000 miles.
• ALL of our trucks come with a two year warranty on the engine, drivetrain, transmission, cooling system, pollution control system, etc. This ensures continued reliability.
• We can find, inspect and sell you a used tractor alone, or we can completely build it out to your needs.

Hauler Bodies
• Our second generation hauler bodies provide the most advanced-concept body in the heavy truck market.
• We will build on your truck, or a truck we provide.
• Competitively priced. Our base model bodies are priced below the competition, yet provide more features and function.
• The most storage. No other provider can match our space utilization and design.
• Advanced design elements. Rolled bed edges; integrated steps; slide out storage box trays; wet bays, etc.
• The best corrosion resistance – full powder coating of the hauler body minimizes corrosion. Conventional (wet) paint for the final coating provides exceptional color matching to your truck.
• Three ramp storage areas are standard and are cross-body (accessible from either side); up to 5 ramp storage bays as an option.

Mechanical Services
• All truck repairs are completed in our preferred heavy truck mechanical shop by certified mechanics.
• We provide axle singling services for Volvo and other brands. You do not have to buy a truck from us – we will single your existing truck.

Accessory Installation
• Installation of all accessories: chrome, electronics, refrigeration, inverters, solar panels, shore power, battery charge systems, auxiliary air conditioning and heating systems.

• We have a relationship with a preferred insurance provider that understands our lifestyle. Looking for insurance for an HDT? We can help.
• Aftermarket warranty for your truck – two year or four year policies are available that cover engine, transmission, drivetrain, turbo, cooling system, pollution system, etc. These are available even if you did not buy your truck from RVH, and even if you have a truck with more than 500,000 miles.

Fifth Wheel Trailers
• Consulting and advice on selection of an appropriate 5er that can meet your needs. We have extensive experience with New Horizons, Spacecraft and DRV.

For further information or questions:

Gregg Shields gregg@rvhlifestyles.com
Jack Mayer jack@rvhlifestyles.com
Marc Jones marc@rvhlifestyles.com


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  1. You Tuber says:

    I see how the tail lights spruce it up a bit but man, it it breaks in an accident or some such it is way more expensive to replace than what you were using. Like Jamie's idea for the BBQ grill! Maybe an attachment for the wench receiver with a heat shield to protect the lovely paint

  2. camping 767 says:

    LOOKING GREAT!!!!! I like some of the new options available, can't wait until I can get my own RV Hauler. I see you have a hitch in the rear, what capacity can it handle? In my mind I would have thought it would've be attached to the truck frame.

  3. Jamie White says:

    Hi Greg, I was hoping to see a built-in BBQ Rotisserie. Maybe some other time, I think it would make a great option though.

  4. Eric Elton says:

    Wow, the F-150 taillights really spruce up the look!
    I like it!

  5. Rich Merrick says:

    Gregg, Nice video.  Great looking bed.  Is this bed going to be available in the Phoenix style?  How much does the Phoenix style add to the approximate weight?  How is the new shop going?  Are you going to continue the previous style beds?  Thanks, RichIN GOD WE TRUST

  6. Jack Caldwell says:

    it looks good with those F-150 tail lights !!

  7. Mel Davidson says:

    Very well done, I really like the tail lights, steps and the pull out drawer. You are all ways improving and making things better,that's why you are the number one builder in my book. Great job

  8. weaky weaky says:

    Where in SE KS are you located.  I used to live in SE KS.

  9. Ram-n_dodge says:

    Do you fabricate these in house? pretty sweet looking, damm clean. makes me want to build a new flatbed for my truck…

  10. Ram-n_dodge says:

    OK, i have to ask. why the little viair compressor when the truck has one on board?

  11. Rick Thompson says:

    Awesome design!….one question though. Why paint the inner fender wells white, as they will undoubtedly get very not-white within a few short miles of driving, especially in winter. Some type of black tuff-coat coating would look nice inside the wheel wells.

  12. n3qdz says:

    that looks very impressive! they fool like ford super duty tail lights. My question have you ever tried to match the bed sides to the same shape as the Volo's skirts shape.

  13. Tinder inc says:

    Is Gen-3 when you start to Line-x the underside from the factory? Make it last forever!

  14. wj b says:

    why are you using crappy Ford taillights

  15. Dominick Landolfi says:

    What is in the compartment below and behind the winch?  Looks to be some type of compressor…

  16. Dominick Landolfi says:

    I like the wheel well liners 😉

  17. Les Garten says:

    Good News.

    I would think this presence in the midwest may give you access to a lot of trucks that are virtually rust free.

  18. Fox Mulder says:

    Hey: Volvo… F150!! 😀

    Looks awesome!

  19. Rick S says:

    Very nice Gregg…..the builds just keep getting better!! Congrat's on the new venture.

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