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Meek Mill – Left Hollywood [Official Music Video]

From DC4, available now.

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brandon Williams says:

this shit flames

Brandon McCallum says:

If meek didn't have a big ass family and crew to feed he would be worth bout 15 million but the realist make sure everybody eats

Markell Reese says:

real fans believe

Mario Hamilton says:

That's what I'm talking bout Meek!

Geronimo Ortiz says:

simply amazing

Coopy N says:

This not on DC4, where it at?

Bill Smith says:

drake grew up in one the nicest house in downtown Toronto, he ain't feel no struggle the only struggle he felt was sitting in a wheelchair for to long being a teen star. In my book meek mill is real. drake is the fake.

Jayvon mcDowell says:

Old meek back? #2017summer

Pedro Smith says:

Shutout to all the day ones not the fake ones. They only come when meek at his highest and leave when he at his lowest.

Devin Jones says:

Meek is back!!! This is the Meek we need. The street Meek. Not the Hollywood Meek

Chapu Roman says:

who eva hate on dis ain't from the hood brrrrrruuu

Tjay Thomas says:

this shit to hard

Major Gee says:

Blood said where I'm from u make it to 18 that's more life .. I don't give a Fck about him drake beef but that was hard

LD Vids says:

Hottest shit out rn ion care what nobody say frfr .

Devin J Welz says:

Meek gotta stay in this bag fuck that radio shit

Earl Rivers says:

"Mater wit them P's man I'm bout bout it"

Maher Abou Jaoude says:

old meek back! not that nicki shit

Bow To Me says:

my boy back in his bag got that 05 dickie suit…mofukaz don't know bout that shit!!! Newark 2 Philly wuddup thooo

Prosser Boxing says:

"where im from if you turn 18 then thats more life " clever drake diss

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