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Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)- REACTION

This is our reaction to Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain Official Music Video
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Lil Dicky says:

You guys make me feel cool. Thanks for watching and caring. And going "yaaa" during moments. I appreciate the love

Karim Silla says:

Where's the beat from at the start

Jay Nelson says:

Why does this sound like this actually happened tho😐

Preston White says:

So we just gonna ignore that they spelled "Subscribe" wrong. 0:44

Kaylon Vaughn says:

do playboi carti woke up

Michael Fenn says:

Was up with his goatee, looks like a goat took a bite outta dat shit

aidan kai says:

magnolia-playboi carti

aidan kai says:

review magnolia by playboi carti

Parth Mistry says:

react to DNA- K.

Juan Moreira says:

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I wanted you to react to the funk clip. A clip I recommend is: Mc Dede – Vai atrás de mim no fluxo , I hope you like the clip

Anthony A Gutierrez says:


Futball World says:

React to Smoke remix by Demrick

Lil Quasi Beats says:

Check out my 1st beat on my channel 💯I'll be uploading a lot more soon 💰lmk if you wanna use them🔥

FrnnkEducation says:

lil dicky over here dominating the comment section. meanwhile the rest of us have to fight over 2 or 3 likes. BITCHES FOLLOW ME ON MY SNAPCHAAAT haha jk. i don't have a SC

some guy says:

Do Ex Boyfriend by lil dicky

Flash 127 says:

Do milf next door by lil boom next

Dashawn Bates says:

zias drinking the fuck out that apple juice

Jonathan Bent says:

lmao… PRIVATE JET LOU!!! Soaring on you Nighaz!!!

King_heem247 says:

are they high

King_heem247 says:

are they high

Jonny Lewis says:

they skipped 2min of the video!

Realeyes VI says:

Realeyes – Twirly Swirly. Exclusive for you. My masterpiece is all bars.

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