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First Time Driving a Lamborghini: Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Imagine Lifestyles takes a potential customer for their first ride ever in a Lamborghini. Nothing excites us more than being there for people for a first time experience in one of our luxury and exotic rental cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Land Rover and more our selection of exotic and luxury rental cars is second to none.

Watch as Eric learns about how to drive the brand new Lamborghini LP-560-4. Go through step by step instructions as well as watch him punch the gas and see his expression as the Lamborghini takes off like a rocket ship.

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Jonathan Koulai says:

When he shifts gears does he even have to let off the gas when using the paddle?

Gursharan deep says:

who to remove the roof of this car

Gursharan deep says:

bro how to remove the top of the car

Michael Broski says:

Why are you shifting so fckn early? How do you not know how to start it? Peasant

ekle dillo says:

my aventador awesome than gallardo lp 560.


dude says he's never been in a car like this then says it doesnt even feel like a sports car. after he just explained he knows jack shit! omg whats wrong with this dude


Moron said the steering wheel is "very aerodynamic" lmaoooooooo what a fucking idiot

Malik Pleasant says:

man that steering wheel is aerodynamic af

CrazyRakeGaming! says:

renting a lambo is a bitch move

Wenonah Remo says:

how much will it cost for renting a Lambo? just curious

Firdt Last says:

so you have a babysitter with you? no thanks…

Gabe says:

She purrs ?? Lmao

calbastian says:

The guy's cool, I like the honesty since 99% of America feels the same way he does. No use acting like a Lambo expert.

julio huesca says:

im renting one soon

Lam rof says:

The model 3 will kick the living devil out of this dirty noisy mess.

Matt Rodriguez says:

This was painful to watch.

Just That Random Geek says:

i like watching videos like this😍

Trent Mclellan says:

As soon as he said the steering wheel is aerodynamic I came to the comments to see if anyone else heard that 😂

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