Jacob Sartorius – Bingo (Official Music Video)


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  1. Selena Angel says:


  2. CottonSpike says:

    He doesn't even scroll and the phone scrolls by it self.

  3. Chloe Me says:

    Bingo Reminds me of a cookie i heard there was a cookie in the philipines AND IT'S CALLED BINGO Now this song is stuck in my head

  4. MrSomeoneHappy says:

    You think farmer brown is upset?

  5. BubLight says:

    It's funny watching Jacob Sartorious trying to be black. He is as white as milk

  6. Someone :) says:

    Autotune is 55$ that's why he didn't use it.

    (Not really 55$ tho)

  7. DiBae 123 says:

    bruder jakob bruder jakob schläfst du noch? 😂was fürn fake😂☝

  8. Ariana Grande says:

    Who's one off the 23k dislikes cuz I am 😂

  9. guinea pigs rule and the air force! says:


  10. James Crossley says:

    Cringe cringe!!!!

  11. Basim Ahmed says:

    I like this kid but this song sucks

  12. Abigail Wilson says:

    no but can we talk about how the chorus sounds like fucking Frere Jacque

  13. Ricardo De lemos says:

    I SEE RICEGUM: that was a good intro while it lasted.

  14. unicorn world says:

    this sun glasses are for 3 year olds😑😭

  15. CNN pays me for trolling. says:

    RiceGum in his video to decrease hate…

  16. eylül says:

    she is so cute and beautiful

  17. eylül says:

    or instagram account name?

  18. eylül says:

    what is the name of this girl

  19. Andreas Waem says:


  20. lottie ! says:

    It sounds like a nursery rhyme😂

  21. malcolm1013 says:

    2:21 demon Jacob :()

  22. HotChocolateQueen11 says:

    Can i just say that his voice is just CRINGE and the lyrics ugh! Cringe his ears are huge like seriously

  23. Jessie RoseAnna says:

    how many youtubers are thr in dis vid???Amanda Cerny, King Bach, Mahogany Lox and Jiffpom…omg

  24. jouis says:

    1:31 Jesus Christ mate, you're only like 13 or 14

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