BgA – Who’s It Gonna Be (Official Music Video)

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  1. ingrid a says:


  2. Psychic Karate says:

    "All I know is that I have to be higher than Jun. you be on the bottom, you be on the bottom!" – 3:03

    if that ain't an innuendo

  3. November Pines says:

    I want someone to make a manwha based on this.

  4. Sakura Sato says:

    You guys need to be invited to Mama2017

  5. Jessi Eche says:

    Why are the lightsticks not in the store? I want both!

  6. Alisha Farid says:

    So like the he fandom is called Poopers

  7. Stardust I says:

    Great work as always, Ryan. I'm laughing

  8. Yana Higa says:

    Phil is the leader coz he's P-dragon. 😂

  9. elissza jayne says:

    salute 😯😄

  10. tommobae says:

    who else is a kpooper !!!!

  11. Owen Stevens says:

    Shout out me My name is Owen

  12. Tran Phương says:

    Officially a K-pooper

  13. Owen Stevens says:

    Who's singing in Japanese or Chinese

  14. Sweet Teahyung says:

    ships are sailing B)

  15. Kevin Luu says:

    Do you know DAVIDPARODY

  16. 마찬혁 says:

    Ah yes you bunch of morons. Its amazing seeing all these comments praising how great this song is when it is clearly a satirical video, further proving that mainstream kpop is nothing mkre than a bunch of good looking guys with autotuned voices.

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