How Music Affects Your Brain

You may want to consider learning an instrument.

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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Wide shot woman listening to digital music on earphones while riding bike on RiverWalk / Milwaukee
Meridian Studios/Getty Images
Senior Man Listening To Music Crying
Sunreel/Getty Images
Girl With Red Smartphone Stands On Wooden Bridge, Listens To Music And Dance
DDCoral/Getty Images
Little Girl Listening To Music
Volkovslava/Getty Images
Handsome Young Man Dancing To The Rhythm of Music With Headphones At Night
Paulprescott72/Getty Images
Young Woman Listening To Music On Sofa
ImagesBazaar/Getty Images
Lockdown shot of man listening to music and dancing in street
Mark Andersen/Getty Images
Bass Guitarist Rock Band Member Funny Character.
TopVectors/Getty Images
Boy Practicing Drumming
Adrian Weinbrecht/Getty Images
Depression in man
Martin-dm/Getty Images
Girl In Red Dress Playing Violin
TopVectors/Getty Images
Human cardiovascular circulatory system
slavemotion/Getty Images
Animation of Rotating Dopamine Molecules
Scott Camazine/Getty Images
Human brain and headphone, artwork
Ktsdesign/Getty Images
Loving Couple Kissing At Sunset
Simonkr/Getty Images
A Set of Human Pictogram Representing People Listening Music and Song With Earphone and Headphone at Various Places.
Leremy/Getty Images
CANADA – JANUARY 26: The Arts Building, 1843, designed by John Ostell (1813-1892), McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Canada, 19th century.
DeAgostini/Getty Images

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  1. Suhayb L A says:

    music is my life

  2. Brenda Chien says:

    Playing a musical instrument doesn't make you smarter. It's the smart people who play musical instruments.

  3. katie hay says:

    music made me emo

  4. Katie The Furry says:

    any idolm@ster fans? :O

  5. Kai Grant says:

    I've been playing violin for the past 5 going on 6 years and I LOVE IT 😊. It's my baby.

  6. George Washington says:

    Im in a bet with my wife to see who can get the most streaks. Leave your Snapchat username and I'll start a streak with you when I'm not busy starting a new United States of America

  7. LPS spiffy says:

    Music hasn't just "affected" my life…It just took over my life.

  8. Kenmahara Win says:

    music motivatet me to do stuff like washing and i dont like washing clothes but music helped me

  9. Phanic! At the Miraculous Team Super says:

    I did a project on this last year….

  10. Cristina Jimenez says:

    I actually feel like that so much emotions and music brings me good mood

  11. Jasmine Nemo says:

    When you've been playing 8 instruments for 4 years😎

  12. xiaonwa says:

    Here's a question. Can one become addicted to music and possibly have music tolerance.

  13. Hollow Galaxy says:

    Music has effected my life by making me listen to "Not Today" By: BTS nonstop while I was watching this video I was playing it on repeat forever while I lived my day….I NEED HELP!

  14. Minhee Yoon says:

    K-pop made me trash and ruined my life, but that makes me happy yet sad.

  15. Emilia S says:

    I love medieval, fantasy/Celtic music! Brunuhville, the Fiechter brothers, Adrian Von Ziegler etc.

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