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Kate Hudson Talks Music, Passion, and Dating

The gorgeous actress and fashionista hit all the right notes while telling Ellen her thoughts on dating apps, and the role music plays in her life.

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OhHeyitsZoee says:

Bring twenty one pilots on Ellen please

ann landers says:

"Impactful" is not a word. Amazing how many people on television including so-called "journalists" say that word. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Tess Goldman says:

Kate Hudson is fun, natural and beautiful. She takes after her mom.

suntilmoon16 says:

Totally agree with Kate about the dating thing!!

tiffmckee268587 says:

Ellen should have kate Hudson's mom Goldie on the show

Israel Perez says:

why is she even relavent

Châu Lê says:

that la hay co the cho nhung dua tre thic tieng anh

Daan van Dalen says:

She was on glee

Kimberly Ann Clark says:

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phanic! at the all time low pilots says:

imma marry her son

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