Evolution of Music – 1400 BC to 2016 AD

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  1. INSTINT GAMER says:

    2006-2011 was my best memories ever I just wish I can go back to the good old days

  2. Carla Salingre says:

    Which song is 1962?

  3. Kenshi Gamer says:

    Wher is gorillaz 😡😡😡

  4. Yohan Shivsharan says:

    Which is on 17:22

  5. GuKrazE says:

    You can just see the music go to shit. With time there are a lot less good chart songs.

  6. White Vader says:

    1680 and 1780 is noice

  7. Puggo says:

    Quick question can anybody just briefly explain why 1923 was such a remarkable year in American history?

  8. NFX Gaming says:

    ok, now i know for sure, 2016 is the worst music year ever…

  9. Invalid Username says:

    Son: Dad, can you tell the difference between ancient Greek music and modern day american music?
    Dad: Well son… One of them put effort into their songs, i ll give you a hint which.
    Shows music video
    "Na na eh"
    Dad: I ain't modern son

  10. FutureGaming Z says:

    Am I the only one who realized these two things?
    Starting 2000, shiz happened:
    >>New clothing fashion which is the current fashion
    >>Music just got wierd

  11. Joseph Stalin says:

    Y'all see how women's clothes are getting tighter and tighter?

  12. Damien Lopez says:

    man I miss the 90s to the early 2000s that was my generation Fuck the new generation

  13. Crutch Meister says:

    What's the name of 1937 2:16 song?

  14. Evencio Alvarez says:

    1962 after ladys who is that guy i love that song but i dont know hwo is it.

  15. Hombabo 69 says:

    the girl in 1969 thats sing" rolling on the river" thats John Fogerty's or Creedence clearwater revivals song

  16. afonso silva says:

    1984 thriller ???

  17. Aly Hayes says:

    the nostalgia

  18. jiggy nik says:

    1988 Straight Outta Compton 😍😍

  19. diepad3 says:

    The Evolution of Music. Thats a great idea for a video, but you made a almsot 20min video and after 2min, you made a jump by 2.500 years. i would wish if you split the Videos and made the songs longer, and with the copyright, you can use more songs out of the year. But if this would better it would be a good video. Thanks for the video

  20. Invalid Username says:

    I wish i could turn back time,
    to the good ol' days.
    When humanity put,
    effort into their own music..

  21. Red Mushrooms says:

    11:18 FUCK! You got me bro.

  22. ShadowDylan4 says:

    if there was trololo I would've been laughing for absolutely no reason

  23. SynR WarP says:

    where did we go wrong?

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