20 Shocking Facts About The New MUSIC POP STARS

20 Quick facts about the new female pop stars in the music industry.
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These new music artists are on the verge of dominating the industry with their catchy lyrics, danceable beats, and eccentric style. You may be able to sing their songs word for word, but how much do you really know about today’s up-and-coming artists? Here are a few things you didn’t know about the new music pop stars of today.

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  1. i need a new name says:

    MI.I.A, Bonnie, and Bebe are amazing women. their music gives me life. I hope they become more popular:)))

  2. Lilja Grönrus says:

    MIA isn't really a new artist though..? I just know Tove Lo and Hey Violet really :p

  3. Mrs. patato says:

    omg i really didnt knew zara larsson is swedish!

  4. lehanie struwig says:

    love bebe rexha's music

  5. Priyanka Sharma says:

    y all girls? no men???

  6. Anne Marie W says:

    the second one had me so confused cause my name is anne marie and i do karate too XD

  7. Maria Morfou says:

    I'm not shocked

  8. Katie Ortega says:

    I want the talko to talk about Melanie martinez❤🍼

  9. ronan j says:

    check ur facts m.i.a isn't a new artist she been there since 2006

  10. Tomine Lunde says:

    traffic satellite cloth dealer hold volunteer mean service working.

  11. Jessie Puok says:

    Hayley Kiyoko ia the only artist from here that I know and before her music got famous I was listening to her. I freaking love her songs, hey are so catchy!

  12. TalkingCheeseBurgerr says:

    MIA is not new.

  13. Paula Zi says:

    omg so much gayness all in one video im in heaven !!

  14. twentyonephanbabies says:

    Anne Marie, Bebe and Tove Lo <3


    MIA isn't a new artist

  16. mgc says:

    the only reason I know Hey Violet is bc of 5SOS😅 5SOSFAM WHERE YOU AT??!!!

  17. Priya L says:

    see's Bebe


  18. Clorox Bleach says:

    Did anyone notice that thetalko has the same intro melody as watchmojo

  19. Lirinda Muhadri says:

    why doesn't anybody know that bebe rexha wrote monster-rihanna&eminem

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