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Rainy Day Music 010: A Beautiful Chillout Mix

Rainy Day Music 010: A Beautiful Chillout Mix
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00:00 Andy Leech – Thinking Of You
04:52 Owsey, Half Dust & Resotone – Lost You To The Gathering Night
08:47 G. Strizzolo – Stars (Kosh Anade Remix)
15:34 Kisnou – Our Endless Dreams
19:34 Kisnou & Michael FK – Travellers of the Dusk
23:10 Poolz – I’ll Be There, With You
26:52 Dimatis – Emotional Tourism
30:41 G. Strizzolo – Moon
37:18 The Aurora Principle – Sen (Kisnou Remix)
41:53 G. Strizzolo – Stars
48:15 Spenser Sembrat – Northern Lights
51:02 Sappheiros – In The Moment

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another beautiful chill mix by pulse8..

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Итоо Робинсон says:

Really impressed.

chrumky says:


dan 720 says:

you're an augur man, it's raining over here today

White Eagle Music Network says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful mix Love it !!!

Vesterli Andrei says:

The sound of perfection…this is for sure a like 😉

sadman says:

These Rainy Day mixes are better than my gf, if I had one. 😉 Nice Job!

Iron Horse Ranch and Boarding says:

It IS a rainy day and this IS the perfect music!

Peter Moreno says:

Magnifique et bravo mon esprit est ailleur….Merci pour le partage 😉

Dragan Trajkovski says:

damn. that childs play sound. gets me back to my home. when i was a kid. shits powerfull. good job

Just go Sanchez says:

良い, I love it 💜👍

Mitchell Miller says:

I wish I could put some of these on my Ipod.

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