Marie Osmond 1984 Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Marie & Steven Craig are interviewed in 1984. Hugs to my Osmond pal for this video!

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  1. Dan says:

    Who says only the muslims have arranged marriages ! Don't forget the British royal family and all families thinking they need to promote selective breeding !!, It's a bit of a joke, humans will find their own way of breeding with sex being the open book. Look at Madonna, she fucks any male under 25 ! Silly Jewish woman.

  2. Mike Reif says:

    Robin leach is an idiot. He called the groom Craig Stephens like he is just an insignificant no name who married a celebrity.

  3. Jeffrey Schwarz says:

    Thank you for posting this. Do you happen to have the rest of this episode?

  4. D Ward says:

    "Marie's marriage will last forever"… didn't it last for TWO YEARS?

  5. Glenda Voy says:

    Marie is very honest! She hurts like everyone else. No one person walking this earth is perfect and free from sin. DON'T JUDGE LESS THE BE JUDGED!

  6. Glenda Voy says:

    I have truly enjoyed watching these clips. THANK YOU!

  7. Mary Phillips says:

    Marie and Stephen where married in the SLC Temple. Both are LDS, sex before marriage is a no-no. Marie's had weight problems her entire life.  Steven and Marie were later divorced.  They remarried a couple of years ago.

  8. Shari Harris says:

    Ok Is it just me or at the point around the 4:30 part she says she had just gotten married 2 days fater that they went on the road for a week then she and then she had to leave him for a week to go to Aussi just her and the baby?????? Are they Mormon?? both of them ??? not usually they do not procreate before marriage but that was a true give away hahaha way to go Marie 

  9. Lyjaialei Cochran says:

    You know I really love Marie Osmond, we grew up together and when I was in Jr. High school, people always called me, Marie, cause we looked so much alike, were singers, and both of us came from a musical background; having said that, I find it extremely ODD that while Marie loves to tell you what Mormons don't do, or what she would never think about doing herself, because of her religious beliefs; Mormons don't get divorces because they stay married through eternity, etc…Well, that's what we all heard growing up with the Osmonds, but guess what Folks, that's right, Marie got a divorce AND remarried someone that SHE proposed to 1 yr. later!!!  What does that say about HOW devoted and in love SHE WAS?  I mean, her brothers said they came to her and TOLD HER he was cheating on her, maybe they were mistaken; did they or she actually have real proof?  I've watched what few videos and interviews there are of them with him in it and actually voicing his opinions, and I just don't get that vibe.  I think he was kind of emotionally backward, shy about being in front of the camera and all , obviously, Marie wouldn't want someone as extroverted as she, then they would be competing for the constant attention Marie seems to crave, I think this is why her shows fail, because even though I think she's beautiful just the way she is and obviously has done lots of really interesting and fantastic things, SHE must have seriously low self esteem cause she keeps getting plastic surgery to alter the beautiful, natural genetically correct face of her parents to make herself look more like her daughter Rachael Blosil that she had by Hubby #2 Brian who looked just like a "stoned" Fred Flintstone", the things he said ABOUT her and TO  her on the video labeled 2/2 Marie Osmond "Celebrities Offstage" 1988 by galofOs, where little Stephen is fishing and she has one of her little adopted baby girls, in her arms, and Blosil is telling the camera WHY he is WITH her. None of it is anything any normal lady would want the guy you've just married, saying about you knowing it's going to go out all over the world!  In my opinion, she really jumped the gun, by getting rid of Steve and marrying this creep and according to her , he really was a serious creep; the thing you also notice about Marie where Steve Craig is considered, is that he's not really "allowed" to come anywhere and voice what HE feels went wrong or what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and the fact that to this day, she still keeps him at arms length; what do I mean by that?  All interviews and pictures are usually only of Marie, and he's out in the cold, as if he were a "trophy" husband or just a stand in, maybe, IF IT REALLY HAPPENED, maybe this is WHY he would cheat on the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world, Marie Osmond, hmmm?  I'm still waiting for the day when she starts bringing him to ALL of her public stuff and allows him the freedom to speak for himself, won't that be educational?  Cause here's the deal people, She listed "mental cruelty" for both husbands,  maybe SHE is cruel when the camera is not rolling; maybe she has other issues besides post-partum depression, maybe NO ONE knows the REAL Marie Osmond because they don't live with her in an intimate way, the way marriage causes bad things to surface when you're all alone together. You have to give him credit for being gentlemanly enough to not bash her or their marriage in ANY way, which is more than I can say for Mr.Blosil, he was bashing her right to her face, and she was laughing about it!  There's no way I would have gone from a guy that was better looking than John Schneider to a guy that looked like a real, derelict, I believe I would have held out for the best, I would have gotten myself together.  Maybe that's one of her conflicts, she doesn't like to be alone, cause you have to be comfortable with just YOU, hmm? For me, I would have had to have "irrefutable" proof that he cheated, but what about Forgiveness? Isn't that what being a Mormon is all about?  She said, "I'll never run home to Mama" because we Mormons' don't get divorces, we ask God for instructions, pray about it, and forgive,forgive, forgive cause that's what the Bible says.  What happened to all that, Marie?  Just think how much better looking your other children would be if Stephen Craig were their dad? I think when you were running around with Tanya Tucker, she put ideas in your head that were not exactly the kind of thoughts that God-inspired women should entertain, especially if, according to Mormon Faith, you STAY married for ALL ETERNITY!??! Are you going to have 2 husbands living with you forever now???  I am so confused, Oy vey!
    I hope she chooses to stay with Stephen Craig forever and apologises to him daily, cause I think she just went off on a whim,  and everybody had to suffer in a big way, most especially her.  What's wrong with telling the truth that she was young and went off the deep end and screwed up? EVERYBODY DOES IT  once or twice, is anybody perfect?   I'd really just like to know the real story, would'nt you?  Not the one that she released to the press, but the real deal.  It probably won't come out till after she's dead, cause she doesn't want to look bad.  Love you Marie, but you've got to be real from now on, your happiness depends on it.  xoxo Janne in Cols, Oh

  10. David Pombo says:

    Helen reddy

  11. protochris says:

    When poster boy marries poster girl, there's usually a poster divorce waiting.

  12. lovemuffin1963 says:

    MAJOR oops…

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