“Cash Me Ousside” Girl STARS In Kodak Black’s New “Everything 1K” Music Video

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Danielle Bregoli AKA Miss Cash Me Ousside is cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame. The 13-year-old is starring in Kodak Black’s new “Everything 1k” music video. This comes just two days after the Dr. Phil star was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for attacking a passenger. Watch Danielle lip sync and pose in a Rolls Royce in Kodak’s video, courtesy of World Star Hip Hop.

Many believe Kodak is rewarding bad behavior by featuring the Internet star but to us this smells like a huge PR stunt. We’re guessing this new music video was shot BEFORE the airplane altercation, but the timing is definitely suspicious.

Danielle is set to reappear on Dr Phil today, after punching a woman boarding a plane Tuesday at LAX while coming BACK from filming Dr Phil. The video of the fight has gone viral, and Danielle told TMZ she was simply defending her mother from a third party attacker. Danielle originally appeared on Dr. Phil in September after her mother sought help for her out of control behavior. In case you’re not aware, Danielle’s threat on the show “cash me ousside, howbow dat” became an infectious meme. I’ll guess we’ll have to watch Dr. Phil to see what happens next!

Tell us below what you think of Kodak Black capitalizing on Danielle’s bad behavior? I’m your host Sinead de Vries, I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. Rhayne Love says:


  2. Baby Girl says:

    People are now getting famous for acting stupid now? wow.

  3. Bewitched says:

    they're just like door knobs, everyone wants a turn.

  4. Britney Bowman says:

    I only wish I could get this little girl cause I'll literally beat her ass straight and her momma!!: peices of Shit… I hope that little girl ends up realizing how dumb she really looks!!:!

  5. kittyle nekochan says:

    didn't she say "catch me outside" not "cash me outside"?????

  6. Dani Smythe says:

    She better not cross my path with that attitude, she wouldn't be able to walk away.

  7. ThatkidCole says:

    She is the reason Spirit airlines has a bad reputation…

  8. Raquel Cervantes says:

    She is not famous she is infamous there is a huge difference

  9. dabonembitch Nunya says:

    the kids in my class now are always telling the teachers cash me outside how bout dat

  10. Zebrachu says:

    this girl is like a fucking virus on the face of the earth

  11. Bea Ack says:

    How am I older than that girl, she looks at least 4 years older than me

  12. marachi h says:

    um actually instead of encouraging irrelevant ignorant fools like daniella, maybe you should give the fame to people who actually have TALENT. this girl got famous off of somethning stupid she said on doctor phil. like bruh stop giving her the attention she needs before it gets to her head

  13. Yogie Gomez says:

    This girl should go to The bad girls club, so she can get her ass kicked. lol

  14. MiaChanz says:

    Guess all I gotta do is be a complete idiot and I'll become famous hm.. yeah that's fair, it's not like their's hundreds yo thousands of respectable people trying to reach fame through hard work and dedication

  15. roxie jones says:

    So she is not going to college.

  16. TØP P says:

    So all I have to do is act like a bitch with my mother and come up with a meme to be famous … alright then 😞😒

  17. Dawnloke MSP says:

    1:20 is it me or does she look like Mackenzie Ziegler?! :ooo

  18. Camila Jaime says:

    This 13th year old got famous for misbehaving. Why do people get famous for stupid reasons? I'm my opinion I would prefer not to be famous at all rather than to be known as the "Cash me outside" girl!

  19. Stefan Lee says:

    STOP MAKING THIS RATCH BITCH FAMOUS. I don't give a fuck if she's 13 she actin grown af so ima talk to her like she grown

  20. Clorox bleach says:

    Why everyone givin this slut attention

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