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Adam Levine on Maroon 5’s New Music

The lead singer told Ellen about his Grammy-winning band’s upcoming album and his wife’s special appearance in their new music video.

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Anügrah says:


Maria Marry says:

I love Ellen!

Johnny says:

this video exactly seems like i took a pill in ibiza….

Ануш Егиян says:

I think that Maroon5 has changed but anyway i like it👌

Abhay Rice Burger says:

This is Bob (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

Bob is homeless

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10 likes = Bob goes to school

50 likes = Bob gets a friend

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200 likes = Bob gets a girlfriend

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Donna Haynes says:

"Party Animals" should be one of the suggested titles, given that the latest two music videos have "animals" in them (people dressed up as Pokemon' and furries)

Clara Schneider says:

I like alternative tracks

unofficial star says:

can u sub me frnds pls

Ritu Gupta says:

An album !!!!!!!

acharleston990 says:

I love how he said that he would only do a sexy video if his wife was okay with it. That's dedication.

in themix says:

if he doesn't call his album Alternative Tracts, someone else is going to do it.

BenshortsPuto says:

where is maroon 5?? i only see adam lol it should be alled adam levine cause the band is never on the videos or promo its just him and their new music sucks so bad

Emily Leung says:

When I see someone beautiful,
I stare
I smile
And I put the mirror down

Jason Andolina says:

I love their older hits and got hooked on them right away when they came out, but this newest single is so not who they are cause I heard the studio version on Monday night when it was released. I'll probably get hooked on it in the next few months cause it took me forever to get attached to "Don't Wanna Know" probably cause I heard "Don't Wanna Know" live a little less then a month before it came out at the concert I went to in September, and IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT I EVER BEEN TO!!!!

Mely W says:

someone can explain to be the ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 😂 I still don't get it 😂 love them

Hazel chavez says:

Better than Blake 😂

Josh Chang says:

i'm excited

Sabahat Khan says:

he's promoting Illuminati

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