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D.R.A.M.’s new album Big Baby D.R.A.M. is available now!

Directed By: Nathan Smith

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eric videoguru says:

damn this guy is always happy

Harambe says:

here before 1m

VAyoutubeofficial says:

Dizem que acreditar no Amor é fraqueza, se for o caso então eu desisto de ser forte só para poder ter um fraco por ti, Amor
Amo Amar o Amor
Lançamento de Nova musica este mês | isso é V A musico (R&B) Isso é V A

Aatrox The Darkin Blade says:

Here before a million

Chris Lima says:

dram has serious talent i wonder if he writes these songs by himself

J K. says:

I think y'all cuuuuuuuwwte!ay ay yeaah yah baby!squa

T. Nyce says:

This joint is dope! Keep'em coming D.R.A.M.!

TheTruthIsTheWay11 says:

This music video reminds me of that really old Youtube series from Waverly Films, called "Puppet Rapist."

Naima Lepore says:

Jordan Peele is that you 😝


me here thinking what made him post it today oh wait it's valentine's day

HoodedComedy says:

Da shits nice

Luffy SkyWalker says:

I like the way he did it in the tiny desk concert better

Jovon Is a beast says:

dram a beast with the puppet

ZakOmusic says:

That valentines day video release thoo

kevin kitching says:

me encantó esta linda la canción 😍😍👌

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