Driving To Town Chatting With Marife An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

Just chatting with Marife, thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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  1. James Williams says:

    Nice drive and talk. Rice cooker would be a nice addition to the kitchen for Marife. Cellphones… Arrgghh!! Annoying, people just have their faces glued to the damn cellphones 24/7.

  2. SuperHobbie1 says:

    y would u pay for a hair cut , wife-razor-done

  3. Bernard Bredhauer says:

    The sound seemed okay Dan. We use to get flat lemonade and vegemite on dry toast if we were sick. Yeah I don't eat a lot of take away even here as it easy to get food poisoning here.

  4. Daniel Villanueva says:

    Casuarina trees probably

  5. whitey george says:

    Rice cookers ARE pretty cheap tho Dan.

  6. Heidi R says:

    Get well soon, Shannon!

  7. Ronald Campbell says:

    hope shannon gets better, God bless her and family

  8. Brenda Hughes says:

    Wow 90 degrees is my kind of weather

  9. MrDjluvs says:

    Nice drive with you you and Marife, in town. sorry about Shannon get well soon. where is the Adventist church located by you? Congratulations on 7,000 subscribers.

  10. jeremy schott says:

    get well soon Shannon. thanks for sharing

  11. Rusty Evolution says:

    the most important thing with a vomiting child is to maintain hydration. Adding hydration salts, or a sports drink like Gatorade is helpful as well.

  12. Sebastian Asia says:

    dont chat while cooking, its risky hehe

  13. MadWeiner says:

    A gentleman just bought the mini truck(cape ape) across the street.He said it was $5000.But,they put a plate in the transmission so that you can only drive in 1st gear(40mph) and they are not street legal.He said he will alter the trans so that he can shift in all gears and go faster.I saw a nice multicab on craigslist in Cebu for 135,000 pesos.

  14. MadWeiner says:

    Do you guys get the plain sardines in water or oil? Or do you get the ones in mustard or tomato sauce?I noticed they sell the bigger cans in tomato sauce here for much cheaper.

  15. dwsherm1 says:

    Nice drive to town and Marife so cute with response about the cooker.

  16. Northstar3333 says:

    If your battery gets stolen again consider purchasing a smaller one for a motorcycle or riding lawn mower, much lighter and easier to carry. I would think it should start your engine fine.

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