New Stores In Tubigon Then A Burger An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

Ricky and i get away to explore Tubigon snx found a new store and picked up some meat at smother plus got a burger. Thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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  1. Todd Huber says:

    20 50 is a lot i would pay 5

  2. Juliet Hangdaan says:

    marife is right to not talk in public about that issue..she has a good heart and educated.

  3. Arold campo says:

    I enjoy the video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Juliet Hangdaan says:

    guys..u should not judge people without knowing the reason behind..its their life so none of business

  5. LEA POWE says:

    this is so sad… I haven't seen a video blaming Marife for anything….just that Nesa was influenced by her family and that she was scared….food brought to her was also shared by her brothers….. I'm sad because her backbone will get worse and she will eventually die from suffocation …. I also see that donors are upset because it was a waste of money for trips and medical help when she finally refused the operation…. It's just my opinion that the money left over from not doing the surgery be allocated for what the donors wish to be done… the money never belonged to Nesa ,it was Just for her medical and well being… It was also proven that money given to her for an allowance was not managed very well by her…. ( this is what i hear in the videos) seems like the truth to everything is slowly coming out and Marife is an awesome caring woman that shouldn't be stuck in the middle of so much drama…. many prayers that everything gets straightened out God bless xoxo

  6. Sebastian Asia says:

    you talk very agressive

  7. Tim OConner says:

    Nice video…I do enjoy your videos Dan…I like you and Terence..I hope and pray that the two of you can settle your differences and forgive each other..Life is so much better and easier as friends rather than enemies…you both have beautiful families…I pray that the Lord will heal your relationship.

  8. James Williams says:

    Dan I like the drive to town. Nice house that was being built. As for the drama, stay quiet. I know it's hard. Especially, when it directly affects your family. I know you love your wife and child dearly! Let Terence stew in his own shit. Sorry, I am to take sides, but he knew this was coming. He will have to face the consequences. He should of kept his mouth shut and did his charity work in silence. He shouldn't blame you nor Marife for his faults. Before Terence arrive, they were friends. Now he is in the picture and causing disruption in the family and community. Stay strong and tell Marife try not to cry over this nonsense. I know it's hard. Here's what I look at, your 13 years to his 2 or 3 years there. SMH! Didn't you give him that camera so he could vlog?

  9. Orlando Sanidad says:

    Just ignore this Briton Dan. I already counseled him in one of his videos cause he was talking about you and marifes family. And you are all neighbors all together. Not nice to see all this in social media. Tell Marife not to worry and just treat everyone fairly as usual . You have a great and nice family period. Snd enjoying your videos.

  10. MadWeiner says:

    Please tell Marife it makes her viewers sad to see she is upset. We think she is a great person and enjoy her cooking videos and everything she does for the church.She is always very thankful and appreciative.

  11. Mika Lee says:

    I stopped watching Terence's channel, a while back as I could see something was off with the guy.

  12. MadWeiner says:

    There are several Expat channels on youtube.I have watched most of them.The channels I return to and subscribe to are the ones I find genuine and entertaining. That includes your channel and "Steve Montelli Destination Philippines".I also like "My Philippine Journey"

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