Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (TOTP)

Good Charlotte performing ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ live at Top of the Pops, broadcast on February 14, 2003.

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  1. Grizz says:

    Back up singer needed his mic turned up,great song

  2. Marcel Demant says:

    Joel Madden sings better

  3. KiiiNG KENDRICK says:

    billie joe armstrong heard of him???

  4. Ryan M says:

    LOL i watched the anthem live at mtv and aftet the song they destroyed their equipment, and i noticed the drummer was using sabians. Lol in this vid he is using zildjian and didn't destroy them lol. Zildjian > sabian

  5. Jo M says:

    Billy is just rocking the fuck out back there while the camera guy focuses on Joel, haha.

  6. Nicola says:

    argh miss these days 

  7. i mean i guess says:

    Greatest song ever

  8. austin ramsey says:

    I don't really like good Charlotte but this song is very true and correct

  9. StefanR10 says:

    Who search will find. Now I find, first I thought this song is from Blink 182.

  10. PikaABoo1234 says:

    fuck that if they're mainstream, Good Charlotte is awesome!
    so what if a few songs got on the radio, just means ya have more of a chance to hear GC!

  11. 182lols says:

    @jammy343 phahaha I do the same :P

  12. Jammy says:

    I only ever used to watch TOTP for a little bit of Rock.. Never for that pop shit…

  13. christian1o812 says:

    Man I Fuckin lover their jump so punk rock

  14. Dimitri Müller says:

    This was when Good Charlotte were good and played music
    Now they're damn mainstream

  15. chandler bing bong says:

    17 people like to piss and moan

  16. habitat245 says:

    @Awestaaa not even the fact that they are with the two rich girls……this song itself made them "rich and famous" its pretty awesome irony, but they are still a great band who made great songs, and im sure they dont bitch like most celebrities do

  17. jeramyleon says:

    @Awestaaa they got older that was while thety were young

  18. Taja Katelyn says:

    @Jangott92 you're to dump for me

  19. Reinout Reijnders says:

    This was when there was good music on Dutch tv =D
    Now it's just crap =(

  20. Joanna Kerry Lane says:

    my favourate band Saw them live Monday 😀 <3

  21. Jan2992 says:

    That too hard for me^^
    Fuckin' Pussy Band

  22. Lina Benkacem says:

    @dezmr1 you don't like the offspring or the linkin park or system of a down ?

  23. xKoRn95x says:

    my favorite band!!!

  24. goodcharlottte17 says:

    omg i wish i could of see them live at this time 

  25. robinio96 says:

    only perfect

  26. FlOoPy7SnUfF says:

    @joskitzo you can hear benji from 2:15 to 2:19
    but as always his mic has a bad quality
    btw I love Joel but i have to admit that sometimes he receives
    more attention and claps than benj… just sayin'

  27. sahadeghipour says:

    They're SO good! :D

  28. Shandi Deditch says:

    @Awestaaa this song was made before that…. i'm just saying..

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