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Beyoncé – Sandcastles

LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now!

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Débora Souza says:

vem logo visitar o Brasil 😻😻

Nev Nev says:

under 1 mil yaay

Laura says:

can someone please explain why she always talks at the start of her songs?

Ace Bitw says:

The talking is annnnnnnoyyyying 😭😭😭😭😝😝😭😭

hzra athrh says:

Fuck i know this song slay even at the beginning

Ester Lima says:


Andrea Alvarez Arcila says:

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks thanks thanks for this master piece

Meu Louco Mundo says:

Beyonceeeeee Sou seu Filho perdido,to no Brasil!!!

Meu Louco Mundo says:

Beyonce liberta a Sia!!!

Ajdin Polic says:

Who is here before 1m?

Rhys Carter says:

My favourite song from the album!

Charis Andre says:

Finally!! OMG..

Sera Nicole says:

amazing. showstopping. spectacular. truly inspirational

kevin marik says:

The song played in the beginning of the video is The look of love by Nina Simone.

Nasser Mouneera says:

Finally dropping music videos

Miah's Reality Zolanski says:

Yae she's going back to her halo days yasss queen b

Saj The One says:

Who is better?

Beyonce – Like
Adele – Reply

Madyson Morgan says:

I will forever be in love with this artist!!

Emerson Bruno says:

vocal maravilho s2

Summer Hendrix says:

why is everyone hating on Adele? The girl broke her Grammy in half to share with Bey because she thought Bey deserved the award more.

Daniel García says:

Man this song is so beautiful

Meiling Torres says:

I remember watching this the first time I was watching the full Lemonade film, and I was like oh wow they got someone as ugly as Jay Z. But IT ACTUALLY WAS HIM

Maria Bobo says:

L.O.V.E it

Joana Carvalho says:


Pablo Fernandes says:

2:58 💛💛💛💛💛

Brenda Jordãoo says:


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