Uncle Murda “2016 Rap Up” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Directed by Picture Perfect

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  1. dana ghadban says:

    That's some good damn good shit

  2. Emanuel La Van says:

    ?Who was on Shade Room? Who was on Baller Alert?
    Who was on Akademiks? whose feelings you want me to hurt?
    Adrian Broner talk about suicide
    Niggas on the Gram is like "hurry up, do it and die"
    (Hurry up)
    Soulja Boy beefing with Quavo, got locked up
    Lucky they ain't find a Draco
    That boy got more beef than a burger
    On Instagram he pulled out the purple burner
    That's a good gun to pistol whip Lil Yachty with
    Like, that's for Biggie, that's what you get for popping shit
    (Watch your mouth)
    And tell Lil' Kim I'm mad
    For bringing Rich Homie Quan out, making Biggie look bad
    He was fucking up the words to a classic
    The way that he dancing niggas think the nigga a faggot
    Rest in peace to the greatest, Muhammad Ali
    Mister "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"
    Dave Chappelle came back, got 60 mil
    Man, rest in peace to Prince, he overdosed on pills
    Remember Purple Rain had that vibe
    Damn, Tommy from Martin with no job died
    LeBron did it for Cleveland and got that ring
    Bernard Hopkins got knocked out the fucking ring
    No Durant, Russell Westbrook doing his thing
    Durant dickriding Golden State to get a ring
    Can't beat 'em so you join 'em, right?, You a traitor
    Fuck cancer, rest in peace to Craig Sager
    Future said "Fuck Diddy", Diddy ain't give him no Ciroc
    He fucked Scottie Pippen wife in some Gucci flip flops
    (Jordan, what up?)
    Kobe scored 60 his last game
    A.I. got inducted in the hall of fame
    Baby still ain't pay Lil' Wayne
    Told the Breakfast Club put some respek on his name
    (All three of y'all)
    Young M.A. getting that money
    "Ooouuu" hottest record in the country
    Mary J. Blige don't want no more drama
    Going through a divorce, her husband tryna' rob her
    (He a bum)
    Blac Chyna a Kardashian
    She had a baby with Rob Kardashian
    (She came up)
    Took the baby then left that fat fuck
    Now he on the Gram like "she left me and took her stuff"
    (Good for you)
    She ain't love you or like you like that
    She use you to get popping and pay Tyga back
    Should've peeped that from the beginning
    Amber Rose had a TV show, these hoes winning
    (They lit)
    Khloe still can't keep her legs shut
    If you a rapper or a ball player she'll let you fuck
    (For real)
    Every 6 month she switch 'em up
    I wanna put my thumb in Kylie Jenner butt
    I'm just playing, but 21 Savage ain't
    He wanna fuck her, he think Tyga a sucker
    (Me too)
    Police surrounded Chris Brown crib
    Cause some white chick lied about some shit he did
    Katt Williams got choked out by a little kid
    Michel'le showed that's what Dr. Dre did
    He was looking like a young Ike Turner
    He ain't just beat her ass, he shot at her with the burner
    (That's a nigga with an attitude)"

    BARS!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hoho Hihi says:

    Now this is music.


    If people were living under a rock during 2016, go to this song lmao explains EVERYTHING

  5. MrPep718 says:

    good job

  6. Nasty Perro says:

    hmu for da beats

  7. amber warburton says:

    Mandela effect

  8. amber warburton says:

    this already came out I remember 2015 and 2016 and this came out month ago

  9. paul gordon says:

    Good song good chorus

  10. CREED 64 says:

    Who the fuck is this guy

  11. SA HIP HOP South Africa Hip-hop says:


  12. DollfaceMani. says:


  13. SA HIP HOP South Africa Hip-hop says:

    finally 😀

  14. JAH YOUT says:

    damn murder. dope song bit how u drop the video in February for the yr rap up

  15. Darrell Reddix says:

    One of my favorite rappers in NY #chiraq ✡️🔱

  16. Andrew Smith says:

    G unit 💯💯💯💯💯

  17. Rauf M says:

    Damn this guy be dropping names of every celebrity in the 21st century

  18. hazeminds says:

    "flex said lil bow wow music trash
    and he said lil yachty got that mumble rap
    its them lil kids that pop molly that fu*k with that
    nah, we dont fu*k with that, YOU CULTURE VULTURES" <– TRUTHHHH !!

  19. Montae Carlo says:

    nigga said Kodak did rape ol girl 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. B-CityDaking NYC says:

    Da nigga spits about da 2016 rap up🔥🔥💯

  21. Dee Mac says:

    gd 💩 👍!

  22. Patrick Severe says:

    I like the remix to DMX beat… it's a good song… My only problem is the amount of dicksuck towards Yachty… my son got 🔥 kid 💯

  23. Yo says:

    Asian chick bad as fuck

  24. Hunter Daily says:

    shit fire af

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