Another Talk While Driving To Town An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

I speak about what I am thinking on a drive to town, hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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  1. mercxmorris says:

    Very much enjoy the drive- and-talk vlogs, keep them coming. Sort of like taking a road trip with you.

  2. jon mati says:

    very good and honest info Dan. Thanks !! keep going you do good work !! Have a Nice day !! God bless !! like Your style of living !!

  3. Bernard Bredhauer says:

    I like this sort of chat off the top of your head format Dan…..Thanks for sharing mate.

  4. Eugene Marbe says:

    Thank you for sharing your videos. I really learned a lot from you. Your day to day living there. I am really amazed. Now I am slowly opening my inner ways…sharing.

  5. cuco22mmj4 says:

    So Dan how much did you or your subscribers pitch in for Marife's moms operation? I hear it wasn't one red cent! Way to pitch in for the family "kuripot"! I bet that went over well with her family. Wasn't this part of the reason for the fall out? That and the crappy way you treat Marife! That is evident in many of your videos and brought to your attention by many others as well! I wonder why you didn't mention anything at the municipal about Terence and Beth helping to keep your mother-in-law alive! You have no shame and give other American expats a bad name! If I were you I'd get off my ass and thank not Terence and Beth because they don't give a shit but their subscribers for keeping mama alive!

  6. shane garrison says:

    That is crazy , No way anyone would be able to afford paying those Fee's to Receive mail from outside of the country. Those custom fee's should be taken care of by the price charged to send it you would think.

  7. My Life's Journey, Rendel G Kirby says:

    how did u meet your wife ?

  8. John Smith says:

    90 and very humid , sounds good to me . Just got done clearing snow from the 3rd storm in 4 days and 14 degrees out;. Was a enjoyable video. Nice productive morning it seems .

  9. Unicorn Phantasm says:

    Dan, I like these talk and drive. Please continue to make these videos.

  10. VA VA says:

    Hello!! Blind Owl outdoor did you have plan taking your wife and Daughter to U S for good.?

  11. Gliceria Ruggless says:

    My goodness. If ever I sent a Balijbayan box thru a company; CONTINENTAL freight box. Which they will deliver it with their own delivery truck. it is supposed to be whole over the country. I will pay 100.00$ and I pay the box for 5.00$ each. And that is all. I think the company will do pay tbe tax in the custom. try to ask, some Balijbayan box from Fil-Am. If your family is in Texas?

  12. Anthony B says:

    sometimes the counter weight is on the inside of the wheel/rim when balancing tire

  13. Expats Exposed says:

    Seems like someone will be feeling the heat very shortly.

  14. Neda Gehan says:

    That hard in the philppines if we sent the post office cause we need to pay to get it thats redeculous i wish the same here in USA just deliver only or pick up no payment. Oh ! Will what can we do . I guis thats the the way it is .

  15. Doug Christensen says:

    it sounds like if it goes around they call it balanced

  16. LEA POWE says:

    graph paper was hard to find when i was a kid,lol

  17. jeremy schott says:

    thanks for sharing

  18. Christoph Stolzenburg says:

    i like the most when the girls or the people of the philippines taste american sweets

  19. Gary Porter says:

    why does this man keep giving hints that he needs something.I recently started watching these videos and found them interesting now I found them pathetic

  20. Sebastian Asia says:

    how long does it take to upload this 44min video? and how much mb has the file?

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