Miranda Lambert – We Should Be Friends

Get “We Should Be Friends” on Miranda’s new album, The Weight of These Wings, available now. http://smarturl.it/mltwotw

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  1. Leann Murphy says:

    I love this song and I think I'm early😀

  2. Lee Smith says:

    I love your voice assume fire

  3. Jessica Laffin says:

    I swear she loves that dog

  4. Awesome Videos says:

    This Song are Aussome…

  5. Sterrestel Sel says:

    wahahaj country ass motherfuckers, but i like it)

  6. Cara Penn says:

    ME TOO :):):!!!!!!!

  7. Po Prostu Wiktor says:

    What year is this? 2k?

  8. krystal chewning says:

    Love ❤️

  9. Symeria Lambert says:

    Omfg her last name is just ugly and stupid asf!

    You better have gotten that joke 😑

  10. crysta paisley says:

    all her songs are amazing

  11. emori gone says:

    That moment when the you barely see any negative comments from the comment section (O-O)~ *salutes

  12. Alien CA - Clash Royale & More says:

    WOW. Her voice caught me off guard !! Loved the song though :)

  13. Khmer karaoke Kompong thom says:


  14. MeMyself AndIrene says:

    Meh. underwhelmed.

  15. Alyssa Owens says:

    I really want the dress she is wearing at the end

  16. Tarek CH says:

    Even a song title friendzones me.

  17. Marie Janssens says:

    Mass fork street peer clue educational wipe hallway any.

  18. SkitlerRemix says:

    People still obsessing over the physical realm?


  19. Alexz Wilson says:

    Can't wait for the day I actually get to meet her

  20. Alexz Wilson says:

    LMAO she cracks me up

  21. Sarah Mongie says:

    I work in salon, I love this! She should come to my salon 😍

  22. Dylan Wright says:

    Here from Katy and Gaga's new videos

  23. No Hombre says:

    Just posted a fire old school beat. You DONT wanna miss out.
    Check out my beats, you won't regret it.
    if you a rapper, these beats will enhance your rapping ability, GUARANTEED!

  24. Keenan Tenoyo says:

    Wtf is this

  25. Woundo Tounda says:

    God what the fuck is this? Why is this in trending.

  26. Audrey_ Unicorns says:

    This song brings such a good message!😋 I luv how they r just all having a good time!😄

  27. Isabella Garcia says:

    ITS OFFICIAL the friend zone song xD

  28. karmen jones says:

    Love the diversity ❤️

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