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DREAMS – Chillstep Mix #2 [1 Hour of Chillstep Music]

DREAMS – Chillstep Mix #2 [1 Hour of Chillstep Music]
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00:00 Yal!x – Mourning Dove
04:24 Anima – Rain
09:34 nExow & Soular Order – Wonders
14:42 Kaj. – Unfold
18:15 Martin Mittone – Sunny Stories
22:03 Alicks & Senbeii – Beautiful Pieces (Subsets Remix)
25:37 The Concept of Extinction – A Dismissed Soul
27:42 4lienetic – Decay
32:22 Solace – Saudade
39:05 BXDN – Promises
42:14 JacM & Jaiden Stylez – Flying Star
46:00 2 Senses – Licence To Dream (Extended Sunday Mix)
51:44 Vexaic – Last Goodbye
56:52 Jimmis – Pictures

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another beautiful chill mix by pulse8..

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Kalhua says:

Great mix pulse! Could you please link the wallpaper? It's so cute :)

Mr-Mrs Curls-n-Kinkz says:

you really ruin the relaxing mood with all the adverts! lol. nice mix though. love it.

Just go Sanchez says:

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Thank you 😊😌

th3 r4cc00n says:

I don't want to advertise, but this title reminded me of Adventure Club – Dreams (feat. ELEA)

(yes you should listen to it, and i'm sorry Pulse i just want to show this masterpiece of)

Aaron Grosch says:

Crazy day in IT world. Thanks for the chilled vibes. They help a ton.


I love your channel man, It's the definition of work music.

Laialon :3 says:

Link to download the background image please

H3RRX AWM says:

1 sub = fuck your crush
1 like = kiss crush
Scroll = bad luck

Jessica Moore says:

join sheepys tribe

BigBlueBunny says:

Were do you find this music

PowRiding says:

Just like that !

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