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Blake Shelton – Every Time I Hear That Song (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “Every Time I Hear That Song” from Blake Shelton’s album, If I’m Honest.

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DK8 says:

READ= 5 days of luck
SUBSCRIBE= 5 months of luck

Amara Arts says:

Love you Blake. Saw you live September 16th 2016 💜

Maria Benke says:

Super! Danke! :-)


Great song to bad it's has a shitty truck in it

Jack Sparrow says:


Sajid Fayaz says:

Miranda Lambert – We should be friends. 😂

Alain Bruno says:

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Amy Cosby says:

this is a beautiful song


this is a beautiful song!!


that's nice song


that's nice song

Nick Rosseter says:

I go backkkk

Tyolm Lrzeb says:

Maybe shes young because its an old memory and thats how he remembers her? Or maybe the director wanted eye candy.

Alaa Mustafa says:

the maroon 5 influenced song 😍 .. again everyone is arguing over BlakeMiranda & shefani and I'm shouting #shevine

Night Owl Wise says:

Probably going to have this on repeat.

Big Boss says:

Can't wait to see you at Beaver Stadium Man, keep up the great work

jessy vincent says:

Man, Fuck Blake Shelton.

The American Soccer Guy says:

I wonder who he is trying to fuck now?

k shah says:

blake shelton…..all the way,,,,,,

somethingfromnothing says:

Wow….that girl looks pretty young, like so young if it wasn't a video then they could not have had very much history without him being arrested . I guess that is how things work though. He is super talented and it looks like he has another hit. It is kinda weird that his chosen woman in real life is older than he is but his chosen woman in a video could be a daughter even if he waited a little to have kids. I wonder what that means if anything. He makes some really good videos.

George Shovington says:

Every time I hear that song… I start to sing along !

Celeste R says:

While Gwen was performing at the half time show, Blake was serenating some chick at the mechanic shop in the rain 😱

Atitaya pornpanarat says:

Is this for Miranda?

amber N says:

i love his new album, but i am having a hard time understanding why they are picking these young young girls to play the "love interest" in the videos….pick someone more age appropriate.

Mercedes Molina says:

Sexy Blake you're the best country singer !!!!! I love all your songs !!!!!

Allie G says:

Why are the girls in his videos always teenagers 😒director is an idiot

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