Taking Back Sunday – Call Come Running (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Taking Back Sunday’s track “Call Come Running” off the band’s album ‘Tidal Wave’ out now on Hopeless Records!

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Directed by DJay Brawner
Anthem Films


we were leaning on a one night stand
i was keeping up but no one cared
i was leaving you alone
but still i was hoping you were someplace near
because if given just another chance
i would do it all again and
i would take my sweet damn time
so long as i could call it mine
you could call on me
if you called on me
i’d come running
if you wanted we could leave this place
i’m thinking we leave it all behind
i could handle all these things
so long as i could call it mine

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  1. Paradise Ranch says:

    This whole video could have been avoided if Adam wasn't wearing skinny jeans! Have you guys tried walking in them? Not easy, obviously this video shows how you have to walk in skinny jeans.

  2. Mad Max says:

    These guys still do music?

  3. Kenneth VanWroten says:

    well, that was deep..

  4. sic transit gloria says:

    So excited to see them on Sunday

  5. Valerie Avila says:

    2017 Eargasm.

  6. Sean Riddle says:

    Makedamnsure this is the best comment ever

  7. Becca says:

    was the end heaven?

  8. Yassine “Morocco” SPITSHER says:

    long live to this awesome band

  9. Emmanuel Fx says:


  10. Valkyrie Matryoshka says:

    Omg it's on trending you guys 😊

  11. Abie Mahendra says:

    Awesome job

  12. Isa says:

    me encantaaaaaa claro ya no es como antes :c pero igual me gusta

  13. Dustin Stumbo says:

    Taking Back Sunday on Trending? LOVE IT.

  14. Dylan L says:

    Fall Out Boy much???

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