As It Is – Hey Rachel (Official Music Video)


Taken from the new album ‘okay.’ available now.

Directed by Joshua Halling.

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A decade’s worth of damage done and unsaid words
We both know that’s not what you deserved
There was always love, it was there but never spoken of
You held on when I was not enough

It’s a shame this has taken me so long to say

Hey Rachel, I’m sorry
I was younger and scared when you needed me
I was selfish and stubborn, a terrible brother
You don’t have to forgive me
Hey Rachel, I’m sorry

I always knew that I was responsible to guide you through
But I was blind when looking out for you
I was self-absorbed, but I try not to be anymore
I put your diary back in your drawer

It’s a shame this has taken me so long to say to you

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  1. Luisa Filipa says:

    can't wait to see u in portugal <333

  2. Rose Belikov says:

    OMG It's Patty! I didn't know he started a band! Wow, i've been a fan of his for about 3-4 years. This is awesome. Congrats Patty and co.!

  3. skip2175 says:

    they remind me of a new yellowcard!


    the stumpomatic


    omg he got a Patrick stump signature guitar #jealous

  6. vanni smaile says:

    I just watched a Life is strange let's play..

  7. projectxmusic says:


  8. diesel 148-3369 says:

    Patty is so handsome that feels so good just to look at him daslçdkasçlk

  9. Connor Williams says:

    Yeah I don't get it

  10. Bethany Macefield says:


  11. Anita Pedisic says:

    who is the actress that plays rachel?

  12. destinoodle says:

    beautiful video ❤

  13. Tejas messi says:

    luv from india guys

  14. Bodhi Godwin says:

    Awww i remember when patty used to mske vlogs, not a big fan of pop punk but its awesome to see hes doing well!

  15. Ayana J says:

    why-WHY does YouTube let me know about this on the 2ND day??

  16. Kateri Gensler says:

    As it is? More like Patty and the As it is band.

  17. JosietheIdiot says:

    i'm so confused

  18. Tijolparouje Tom says:

    hey Rachel

  19. Tobes Plays! says:

    Such a solid song, and an amazing video to go with it!

  20. Alyssa Hayes says:


  21. Fall_out_trash “XxHeyItsJasmineXx” says:

    I started crying 20 seconds in and im not completely sure why XD

  22. Fall_out_trash “XxHeyItsJasmineXx” says:

    I want to give Rachel a hug XD

  23. Justin Shaw says:

    Pretty bored… guess i'll go to that abandoned carnival and sing dance my apologies to my less loved, younger sister.

  24. Michael Drew Harris says:

    Suicide Squad was terrible.

  25. blackestoflight says:

    I wish pop punk was still my thing, oh dear
    anywho this song is the definition of talent

  26. Ktls9020 says:

    Great vid but isnt there more people in the band ??

  27. silent storm says:

    He has the stump-o-matic guitar!!!! It's Patrick stumps signature guitar!!!!

  28. sparksss says:

    my heart

  29. Star Cookie says:

    Patty Walters is a chode

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