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TeZATalks – STFD

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Seven Sins says:

Nightblue i love u. i love your music and your lol viedos too <3 <3 <3

huy hoang Vu says:

what is this anime name

yuanyuan fangfang says:



music so good

BlurAce says:

Playing Vi+this song=👌🏻

Paul Alexandroaia says:

When this song ended someone stole my penta …

altair2332 says:

Love <3

OMGITS Zaiodin says:

hmm i wonder if nightblue still reads comments on older videos thinking emoji

Anon says:

So Dope ^^

Nickio RN says:

which anime is this ??

Yui Kurata says:

Reading the comments is just blech… the background art work comes from a person named QYS3 and its in the desc. and 1: Its not an anime. and 2: I wish it was an anime…If you guys are too lazy to look at the desc. use this

Nicholas Gasorek says:

Every time i kill that toxic LoL player

WuschelTimmy9 says:

Is there an Anime to this background pic? It looks so awesome, so if anyone know tell me :)

ReayPlayzTV says:

Nightblue what do you if LoL donot exist

Bl4ckR3mix says:

hehe found this before you :P

CrusaderGod says:


Adventuraz TV says:

i really wan't that wallpaper

NightWolf3 says:

INsane drop

Balanced Bard says:

Is it saying sit the fuck down or what

Dead Killer says:

Did that girls on left is from anime or it's art?

Beast Nation says:

if the background is from a anime plz tell me whats the anime name

XxOriginzZ says:

The girl on the right reminds me of Sinbad for some reason

Miki Reaper says:

And who is this girl with Rengar eyes?

konrad “siseq” says:

always best music and background too 🙂 keep this work <3 im waiting for next music

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