SF9 First Mini Album 『Burning Sensation』

:: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/burning-sensation-ep/id1202752836

▶ Album Release 20170206 00:00 AM
▶ Comeback Showcase 20170206
▶ Teaser Site http://www.fncent.com/SF9

2016년 데뷔 싱글 ‘Feeling Sensation’으로 세간의 뜨거운 관심을 받은 SF9이 이번에는 미니 1집 ‘Burning Sensation’으로 폭발적인 에너지를 분출한다.

‘Burning Sensation’은 ‘소년과 남자의 경계에 선 그룹’이 되겠다는 야심찬 포부의 첫 단추를 끼우는 앨범이다. 타이틀곡 ‘부르릉 (ROAR)’을 비롯, 앨범 전반에 흐르는 정서는 청춘을 살아가는 소년으로서 SF9이 지향하는 단단한 삶의 태도와 가치관을 담고 있다. 한편으로는 사랑에 관한 수록곡을 통해 때로는 멀리서 바라만 보고, 때로는 가까이 다가가는 남자 SF9의 사랑과 이별을 진솔하게 노래하고 있다.

‘Burning Sensation’의 타이틀곡 ‘부르릉 (ROAR)’은 일렉트로닉 사운드와 트랩 비트가 조화를 이루는 어반 댄스곡이다. 젊음을 낭비하지 말고 진짜 꿈을 향해 시동을 걸라는 의미를 담은 트랙으로, 감각적인 음악과 자동차를 형상화한 세련된 퍼포먼스가 강렬한 인상을 남긴다.

‘부르릉 (ROAR)’ 외에도 ‘靑春;tell me what it is’ ‘여전히 예뻐 (Still My Lady)’ ‘Shut Up N’ Lemme Go’ ‘4 Step’ ‘Jungle Game’ 등 총 6곡으로 구성되어 있다. 우리의 이야기를 노래한다는 자신감으로 다채로운 모습을 소화하며 또 한번 세상을 놀라게 할 준비를 마쳤다.

SF9, who grabbed attention with their 2016 debut single album, ‘Feeling Sensation’ have returned with their explosive 1st mini-album, ‘Burning Sensation’.

‘Burning Sensation’ is an album that expresses SF9’s ‘transformation from adolescence to men’. The overall feeling of the album, including the title song ‘ROAR’, highlights the aims that SF9 holds in their behavior and values as living youth of today’s society. The album also includes love related tracks that demonstrate SF9’s honest views as men on love and break-ups through lyrics that express love in multiple ways such as approaching love or yearning for love from afar.

The title track ‘ROAR’ is an urban dance track composed of electronic sounds and trap beats. The impressive powerful performance track reflects the concept of cars and holds the meaning not to waste your youth and to follow your dreams.

The album, including ‘ROAR’, is compiled of a total of 6 songs such as ‘靑春;tell me what it is’, ‘Still My Lady’, ‘Shut Up N’ Lemme Go’, ‘4 Step’, ‘Jungle Game’. SF9 are ready to surprise listeners once again through their self-related songs.

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  2. pre taetoe says:

    what is a boomy?

  3. Kathryn K says:

    Wow! Nice job SF9!

  4. Kim Min says:

    mantaap jiwaaaaa 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. pam says:

    zuho is so fucking sexyy

  6. Marie Kot says:

    Слишком ахуенные .о.

  7. gosia says:

    there's no one who love dawon sadlyyyyy😭😭😭

  8. NEOZ XO says:

    For new fans .. you might want to listen to " Shut up and lemme go " and " still my lady " since these songs focused more on their vocals ( Dawon – jaeyoon – inseong – taeyang -rowon ) .. but this song focused more on the rapper line ( hwiyoung – zuho – youngbin – chani ) 💕 #FANTASY

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  11. Glennza Gelasius says:

    taeyang thigh….

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  13. Nad Azam says:

    who is the guy at 1:39 ?

  14. 꿁꾥 says:

    dang whos that white haired hottie

  15. Elisabeth Yunilan says:

    when i saw youngbin for the first time i thought that he's vocal line😂😂
    anyway they're ssoooooooo GORGEUS!!😍😍😍 i cant help falling in love witht hem GOSH!!

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  17. zara z says:

    i just started stanning but i cant choose a bias between hwiyoung and taeyang

  18. Aa Lee says:

    Im so proud to be FANTASY and PRIMADONNA!!! FNC*** 💙💚💜💛

  19. Hottess Red says:

    SF9?? Im a avid fan!! Im asking out what will be their fandom name… Shout out to My Bias Lister Chani, Inseong, Hwiyoung, and Dawon Oppas!! I Love Your Comeback. Ive Been waiting for it…… SARANGHAE!!!

  20. POPEYE ChannelTV 케와이피누나 says:

    So good!!

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