Relaxing Music. Deep Meditation Music for Stress Relief, Yoga, Brain Power

3 Hours of Positive Relaxing Music | Sparkles of Perfection | Background for Spa , Massage , Yoga , Meditation. Listen with Headphones and Use This innovative idea and not been present before our new relaxing and Inspirational Magic Music ,Filled with Positive Energetic Sounds. For your Daily Relaxation, Meditation, Stress Relief, Sleep , Massage, Concentration , Sound Healing and Mind and Soul Harmony!
Inspirational Monday of Clean Brain Energy!
Namaste, dear relax society.
With great pleasure let us introduce our new job Sparks Perfection! This magical composition will tune your mood in a positive way . Can help you focus, relieve stress and just switch your attention to the contemplation of your inner beauty and harmony.
Your thoughts, as well as your brain will be more open and focused as ever. But that is not all!
The greatest surprise is waiting for You here! Its Simply Magic!
Track is full of light, charging positive energetic sounds. Which can break out in your relaxed mind.
And swich you in the mood of light, self-confidence and spiritual harmony!
Let your meditation will be perfect!

Music by Grey Houston

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Our Music is Live on Web from 1st of February!


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  1. joseph michal says:

    will this open my third eye.i dont want it to be opened

  2. Soca Ramdhani says:

    good song

  3. ashley white says:

    this is cothy

  4. Keylee Falls says:

    I'm so relaxed

  5. Carlos Ceniceros says:

    excellent melody. my labor says start on sunday always smoke some joints on saturday while I prepare myself for another week and it makes my mind free.

  6. Kenny Music says:

    I love this composition. It's awesome background music in my home and would be great at a massage studio. Thanks!

  7. Patrick Gilg says:

    Tout simplement génial

  8. Beauty and Tea Time says:

    Thank you!

  9. kj mcwin says:

    I never can sleep without a certain sound playing and when my old sound broke I had no way to get another thing for me to listen to that would work. thanks for this. I put it on every night and fall asleep in minutes.

  10. Jenny Ball says:

    love songs you do

  11. Cali Intellect says:

    lovely compilation.

  12. Blazing Empire says:


  13. Geleceyin hekimi L says:


  14. Aine Dvilevi says:

    I don't understand why I want to cry when hearing this music? Is it cleaning my mind?

  15. Manly Man says:

    whoop! i finally found the one that put me to sleep, thanks alot!!

  16. Death-Splinter says:

    Was stressing out over the loads of homework assignments i have to do but this is helping a lot 😌

  17. Solaris09 says:

    Impressive … really helps to focus. Blessed 2017 to you.

  18. Oksana Novitskaya says:

    музыка помогает расслабиться и снять стрес ! успокаивает и гармонизирует! спасибо!!

  19. Scown says:

    ok the tapping sound annoying to me.. closed my eyes.. i think i died.. not my cup of tea.. but remember i don't speak for anyone but myself..

  20. Diana Ang says:

    trying to get through studying for finals! thanks this helped a lot!

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