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Above Waves – Fugitives – Official Music Video

Above Waves “Fugitives”
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New Pop/Rock Music Video

Above Waves “Fugitives”

Prod. by Michael “Seven” Summers & Steve “Sainte” Wilson

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tylerag2011 says:

This is amazing. 2 thumbs up

Roberto Nunez says:


Ishi Meadows says:

these guys should do a track with yelawolf and rittz

Joshua Spurgeon says:

I don't see why people don't like this group. Above Waves is dope. They're different from usual strange music type artists but I like them. Sure they aren't exactly rock or metal or rap but they're R&B. I could see these guys doing a song with Tech. In fact, I'm hoping they'll be on Tech's upcoming collabo album that I heard he's putting out soon.

Carma Indigo says:

Nice voice mann! ♤♡◇♧

techn9cian tech says:

Beautiful 👌🏼 welcome to strange 🤘🏼

Love Terra says:

What a voice! Can't stop listening. Baby be a…with me !!

Julio Gomez says:

Goto sleep trav

Daniel McCormack says:

Whoa Tech Nine you are the s*** this guy song kicks ass I'm glad you sign him. Keep evolving Strange.

Drix Muzzic says:

I like the different style they bring to strange 💯👌🏻

Mason Garvin says:

respect and love for all genres. be a stranger.

Austin Loyd says:

not something ima listen to all the time but not everyone is going to like everything a label put out shit maybe this shit hits people as hard as tech & krizz hello Walls hit me but just bc i prefer rittz im not going to bash this

AJ- 47 says:

i love it!

MuzicthatsStrange says:

this is lame

DJ Jaybird says:


NakedManDancing says:

Why is this their only song?

MrZkogan says:

daumn! voice is amazing

Andrew Ward says:

have listened to strange since i was 12 years old. love to see the branching out. darrien has grown on me. mackenzie has the voice of an angel. these dudes will be huge

casperog says:

where did all these pop loving faggots come from ? all these sheeple infecting the strange fanbase.. they try do this shit a few years ago theyd get ridiculed hard and it be killed immediately.. but now its love this..suck strange off here..mckenzie here justin fieber clone here and now this trash.. i feel embarrassed for anyone who got a strange tattoo a few years ago cause they couldnt believe tech would allow this trash.. guess tech needs more then 10 mill a year… greed kills everything

Melon Head says:

He did great on Over It. But this, I'm not feeling. Some are going to like it, some aren't. If you do, cool! If not, well that's cool too.

John Doe says:

Not very strange… meh

Todd J Smith says:

Awesome new sound!! Great job My Idol Strange!

Icham Mislan TM says:

Big fan here from singapore ! This song is gonna be on my playlist keep it up keep grinding 🔥

Mason Little says:

this is the tits!!!!!!! fugitive tits!!

fleshTH says:

I like this.

Aj DesOne says:

They don't seem to bad, strange has always been depicted as a wide genre of music and heartfelt lyrics not just the same jaw slapping in mainstream. This song seems alittle settle but it's good music, better then that Darren Kat trying to rap lol

Justin Vman says:

I'm surprised they came out with this time of song as a first song. I feel this would be a second or third single. It's good just wasn't ready for this type of song.

zombified Malkavian says:

The best part is I chose to listen to this song when all of his lyrics are relevant. So thank you for the reminense

Julia Hough says:

Reading a good portion of these comments makes me realize why tech has so many songs about fake people, fake fans even. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Not every song can be a banger. Not every artist wants to sing about smoking up, booty, bitches, and money. For fucks sake, this song is soulful and good. It's solid. I personally love it. Get the fuck out of here with the hate and give respect to someone who worked hard to come out with this.

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