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John Helps Nisa With Some Medical Expenses An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

An amazing gift for Nisa from a concerned viewer will help to buy medicine for her son, thanks John. Thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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Simon Ruth says:

Thanks Dan and Marife. Your channel is a real channel which makes people feel good. I admire Marify's cooking, her sincerity, kind heartedness and genuinity of showing gratefulness. Well done, keep up the good work. Does Nisa's son has enough money for the medical bill?

Dev Ogle says:

Dan, I am sorry to here you casting bad Image of Terence and Beth. If I remember one of there supporters donated money for Marife's mothers operation. You might want to make a video correcting your statement.

jim jimmy says:

hey Dan great video can I just say that ive watched you guys for a long time and have Never felt like you were scamming or just putting a sad story ,,, you can see Marfies tears are genuine she is a lovely girl touched by peoples kindness ,, Im hoping this will be a long term income for you as genuine people.. many of us are not stupid and can smell a rat ,,,, just keep on being yourself s great people in a nice place just doing life we love to tag along and thanks for the hours of fun watching :-)

mark vangundy says:

Help is help. If the means to help are there why not . Good job Dan im with you buddy . And tanks to your wife for having you chip in the other 50 LOL

Flori Phils says:

Terrence has already mentioned about the personal bank account for Nesa and other after trying to hold all that money that people gave. Now, they are trying to excuse themselves for a reason.
And once Nesa gets her account, expect that they are going to make Nesa look bad like the way they did her brother. Just saying… ✌

george Campbell says:

Dan and some of you need to get your facts straight. Terense and Beth have set up a banking account with the donors permission. This will give Nisa a weekly income. There is multiple donors providing Nisa with money on a regular bases. So if they told her there was not money in the budget you might be forthright enough to talk to them there may be a reason for no budget. They are trying to budget the money so it is not used up in two days of the month. If you give them all the money it will be spent by the family not for who it designated for. And don't look but Dan uses the same people for labor.

Flori Phils says:

Nice… God Bless You All…

Connie Santos says:

is nessa has a son?

Maven Calore says:

They spend over P100K building a nipa hut that should only cost P40K max, but like Terence said, they do it to provide work and income for Beth's family.

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