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The best advice you can get to improve your communication skills! EXCLUSIVE LIVE WORKSHOP MATERIAL

James during Barcelona residential explains the secret of pressure and release in silence. Watch this as often till you internalised this concept!

Song: Shifted Thoughts – Mazde, La Mar

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pdiprimo says:

Love this. Love love loved this advice. It works guys!! It's really hard to do but it's just fantastic the new level of communication that opens up.

Jason D says:

Great video James.. It's something I'll have to practice as I guess the pressure of silence bothers me and there's that concern of breaking rapport..

magickfun says:

awesome, James you need to do more of these types of videos.

Shahzeb Hussain says:

Gentlemen, random request. can you make a video on how you keep your long hair looking awesome? even though it might be like eating real food or something, I'm sure others will learn too.

Orion P. says:

This was the most spot-on shit I've ever seen in the history of "applicable to real life" YT videos.

Jerry W says:

Great tip

Алексей Алексеев says:

Music: Mazde – Shifted thoughts

KordanIm says:

Thank you – a great reminder you did here.

tatuco8 says:

Shit….. ive just relized thst I do this.

APS Columbian says:

good video

Notice the Know-it-All says:

Break rapport!!!

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