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Regina Spektor – Black and White [Official Music Video]

Regina Spektor’s new album “Remember Us To Life” is out now:

Regina is on tour this spring! Dates at

Connect with Regina at:

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Peter Sutherland says:

Redge. Ballet?

B says:

so beautiful.

Dione's Disciple says:

A queen 💖

Captain Marvel says:

Regina's look like Claire from "Outlander" XD

Jeremy Ceniza says:

I feel that the song is too short. I just don't want it to end.

Jeremy Ceniza says:

'All my love' — the first line already made me fall in love to this song and video. Regi's voice is just beautiful ❤️

Hannah Moore says:

the colours are GORGEOUS- which is funny, considering the title of the song.

Erik Swinson says:

I live a block away from the Uptown Theatre in Chicago where this was filmed. It's been closed to the public since 1981. I've seen rare glimpses of the lobby but that's all. Until now. Wow.

andrea loua says:

cette video est tres belle merci regina

Martin Artime says:

Regina, please, I beg you, come to Argentina! We need you!<3
Absolutely beautiful as ever.

mark lee says:

This song is sorta . . . haunting . . .

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