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King Lil G Ft. Young Drummer Boy – Different World (Music Video)

Directed by King Lil G x Truly

Instagram: @kingLilG @Drummer909 @itsyouramor @shotbytruly

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Dildo Cumfart says:

<————– what I think of the song

yungz909 says:

Fuck these lames


dope af !!!

Dj Mack attack Swagytracks says:

Hey king lil g I was wondering if I can make some music with you hook me up

Douglas Nez says:

young drummer boy and king lil g they are my favorite there my g

Adrian Resendez says:

straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

John Lopez says:

King lil G be making good music 👍better then garbage ass caphonie and he's dirty wetback hi cowards lol pathetic. But mad props 👍 oh i 4 got SAD BOY another garbage rapper ever can't even rhyme at all

Luis Alvarado says:

dope shit

king lil g says:

this song is dope👑👑👑💵🚬

TagBanger213 MexicanAssassin says:

Wack ass Foo this is Garbage, Yall wanna hear some real Gangsta Chicano Rap listen to BROWNSIDE or CONEJO 💯

Big Daddy says:

real Mexican shit💯

David Morales says:

this foo grew up poor asf and man oh man he don't worry about money no .more

Daniel gonzales says:

Dis nigga ain't drop the fuckin album yet

angel ventura says:

unblockme on ig😠

Garcia Love says:

sick beat 💓

margarita pri says:

cool till he said who voted for Trump lol you are throwing gang signs and exploiting a woman, and then pretend you are better than Trump lol

Julian Vera says:

AK47 MOB all Day fuck all hater's you Ho ass Hater's . King lil g and Drummer boy Keep on Bawling on al of this BITCH Maide ass SUN OF BITCH"S

Young smiley boy Down for life music says:

my girl caught the ak47 mask @ ventura's show ;p ….shit sick af

Kevin Hernandez says:

slapped '


Been here since it dropped and 70 k

jimmy egg says:

i dont fk wit drummer he kinda,sucks jst being honesy

Andrey34 says:

Primera vez que lo escucho, una joya

Zaky Moher says:

Who the fuck voted for Trump😣😣

Myers V says:

Put it on Spotify

Ed Die says:


Roberto Almendarez says:


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