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DREAMS – Chillstep Mix #1 [1 Hour of Chillstep Music]

DREAMS – Chillstep Mix #1 [1 Hour of Chillstep Music]
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00:00 Alicks – Beneath The Surface
04:05 Aiva – So Softly
09:35 Mt Eden & Ruby Frost – Oh That I Had
14:43 Wolftek – Darkness In The Distance
20:40 Sizzlebird – Bring To Life
24:20 Koda – In The Deserts of La Femme Period Chaser (JacM Remix)
28:25 Aurora – From Nowhere
32:25 Inkarv – I’m Falling
38:44 SoundNet – Losing Hope Was Freedom
44:32 Blackmill – Friend
49:51 Kaj. & SoundNet – New Age Voyager
54:19 wrm – Distant

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another beautiful chill mix by pulse8..

Reblogged 1 month ago from


Monika Alwazan says:

hey,wie kann ich es downloaden???
Der Stück ist sensationell!

MDV Zone says:

awww <3
Perfect music for video work.

cameron mendez says:

Could someone drop a link for that that background?

Star Dragon says:

My GOD Pulse8! I love this channel and all but will it KILLS you to put a goddamn link on the wallpaper??!!!!!

TimarisFun says:

That background :3

Fabricio says:

es impresionante como tus temas me sacan el estrés de encima, sigue así tienes un buen futuro…

nVr says:

9:45 holy fuck that's an old tune thanks for reminding me Mt. Eden is a thing! :)

Bradley Nguyen says:

somebody help a boy out and link me the pic

Austin Frantz says:

I create experimental music in my channel . It would mean a lot if you all checked it out.

tzvikiii2 says:

Amazing. Keep it up!!

Astaroth says:

wow a bunch of old songs that i got from pulse, only gets better with age <3

Mike Rose says:

great mix 💖🌹

HannahBanana8101 says:

This music is perfect inspiration for my art I swear. I always love tuning into these mixes you put out and I'm greatful I found your channel when I did. Keep up the good work, Hugs! 💜💙💜💙

MrCitrex says:

I would apriciate a link for that picture

Lucas Holmqvist says:

this is very nice

Pulse8 says:

day 4 of daily uploads – enjoy this classic chillstep mix <3

Dream & Bass - Energetic Melodic EDM says:

So inspiring <3

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