Afi – Aurelia (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Afi performing Aurelia. (C) 2017 Concord Music Group, Inc.

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  1. Luis Guillen says:

    We just turned old as you did. Thank you for your music. A Mexico city date, maybe?

  2. cjmaddux says:

    I absolutely love this song. By far the best off this album IMO! This video was uncomfortably close though, for those of us with personal space issues lol

  3. Ross Barbish says:

    i wish they told a story with at least one of the 3 blood era music videos…

  4. shavero ferrier says:

    does it bother anyone that AFi isn't written in capitals?

  5. Neferpitou Dono says:

    Love the video! and song! AFI is love!

  6. Yami Mtz says:

    I love the song 😍😍😍

  7. evgeniu zhmeka says:

    нельзя вернуть 2007 … можно

  8. Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas says:

    Loving AFI. Same like 10 years ago. Keep on making music guys, keep evolving! <3

  9. Taves Music says:


  10. Diego Rodrigo Ortiz Peñaranda says:

    Peru needs you.

  11. orangeisdead says:

    i know, i know, complain, complain, complain… So much easier to tear something down than create it, but… AFI, fellas, give it up. What the hell is this? Seriously.

  12. Ethan Cusack says:

    love your music and this one is amazing

  13. Abby J. Havok says:

    ¡G E N I A L …!!

  14. Mikael clarkson says:

    Lebanon please

  15. Victor Diaz (Villainou5) says:

    So many lips, eyes, mouths and mustache hair

  16. OLIVEGC says:

    My AFI's fav song is silver and cold because it reminds me of when I was Emo

  17. jose ignacio delgado guardia says:


  18. jose ignacio delgado guardia says:

    Sounds like the 90`s

  19. Dram Darmody says:

    Not crazy about the videos, but all these new songs are great!! <3

  20. Ilona Kadic says:


  21. Ilona Kadic says:

    THAN BY BY!!hjc

  22. Emily L says:

    Is it bad that I can tell which member is which by just their eyes and mouth? lol

  23. luis zepeda says:

    what that heck happened with jade puget ?? ..looks like a Mr. Puget so old i think

  24. Майкл Хом'як says:

    Absolutely incredible.

  25. Katya Slater-Szirom says:

    To every one who complains that AFI " just isn't what they used to be," Please… let's stop this neverending pointless complaining. You have a right to not want to listen to them, but everyone has to understand that part of AFI is the fact that each album they have evolved their sound a bit. Each album has its own sound and emotion. Any serious afi fan knows this. Nothing will change. AFI will continue to grow and make new powerful music. Please stop bringing up pointless debates and complaints and either listen or don't. This is the first YouTube post I've ever made, as it's the only thing that I've felt inclined to say so strongly.

  26. Владимир «My4oKFanLP» Пучков says:

    sad picture. but song is good.

  27. Everyday Vegan says:

    Love it 👌

  28. Felipe Dylon says:

    2017 is awesome!

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