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‘ZEN V’ Oriental Chillstep Mix [1 Hour of Chill Music] チルバイブ

‘ZEN V’ Oriental Chillstep Mix [1 Hour of Chill Music] チルバイブ
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00:00 OverHertz – Zen
04:50 Zen Ongaku – To The Moon
08:34 Mindkeys & Wonderland – Lost In Japan
12:03 OverHertz ft. Aiva – Take Me Away
16:51 Zen Ongaku ft. Veela – Believe
21:47 Kai – Her Melancholy
26:37 Unfamiliar Identity – Ikigai
30:44 Michael FK & G. Strizzolo – Math (Michael FK Version)
37:22 Zen Ongaku – Songbird
41:23 Leading Leo – Yearning
46:04 Kisnou – Tale of a Life Seeker
49:39 Ptr. – Taiga
52:58 Xandra – Petrichor

▸ Artwork by TacoSauceNinja

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another beautiful chill mix by pulse8..

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Macdonny Saintil says:

This mix is perfect! I love the ZEN series.

Marcus says:

this is awesome!

Justin Jet Zorbas says:

I freakin love these Zen mixes!

sam andresen says:

gimme background 1080p pls

sam andresen says:

i want that background in 1080p

sam andresen says:

i want that background in 1080p

patricio 1 says:

beautiful <3

Tom Sairyan says:

Fantaaaaaaastic mix.

Just go Sanchez says:

I love it!!!!!!

Rachel Steo says:

Beautiful! 美しい!

MindKeys says:

Thanks for sharing our song Pulse 8!!

violentcat345 says:

I absolutely love all the zen chillstep mixes, this one included. I'm currently only 9mins into this one and I can't help but think it'd be even better if it had less speaking in it. Still love your work, great stuff!!

Pingwin !!!!!!!!!! says:

this is nice and relaxing

Aurora B.Polaris says:

Arigatou gozaimasu <3

IMdigitalworks says:

Stop adding that fake snow

Mireille Bliss says:

Please could you place one long advertisement with no skip button, the 1,15 minutes long if you need to for gaining your profits, at the he begining of the song, that way once its played ( on silent in my case) , then i could use ur song when i teach yoga to my students. I find very hard to find good songs, that have good quality transitions like urs, that sounds peacefull, that sounds just like this song, amaizing work, it would be an honnour to be able to teach my one hour class, or one hour 15 minutes long classes, on songs as delightfull as urs, im focusing on the transcendental side of yoga, of letting go, of practicing with intention and devotion, but i cant use ur song, because u place all these advertisements throughout, i dont mind advertisement, i understand we all need to keep the lights on, but im shureim not the only one who would use many times a week ur videos to set the perfect backgroud for yoga, massage therapist, pilates, meditation, tai chi, reiki, …
Please consider this simple change, to make ur musique available to us , may u be filled with creativity, insight, and bliss, Dear✨🌌🗻💎🎍🐚🐚💛🙏✌️🌄 may u be blessed and all those around u too and all those close to your heart and all of you reading this coment too 🙏🐚💎✌️

Wonderland says:

thanks for taking our song in one of your mixes :)

Victor Xavier (dll) says:

Fairy Tail!? lol

Ptr. Music says:

Beautiful mix, ありがとう! <3

Reyvin Bayless says:

Okay, so I mostly enjoyed it, but the talking is getting annoying. Oh, and "Lost in Japan" was obnoxious. But I still appreciate this chillstep mix nonetheless. :)

Sovela says:

The ZEN series is definitely my favorite! Beautiful mix, Pulse8

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