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Everything Wrong With Rebecca Black – “Friday”

One of the sinniest videos we’ve ever done. Also it’s actually Friday, so it just made sense.

Watch. Sin. Enjoy.

Which music video do you wanna see sinned next?

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Curt Christensen says:

I guess asking for deeper, more meaningful stuff is just a waste of time.

Snook Bob says:

do Ultimate from Denzel Curry!

Kharamelle Kutenezz says:

Rebecca Black can't sing to save her life!

SUPERGIRL 14 says:

I'm surprised this wasn't the first music video they sinned

BreeAille Stowe says:

When I read this title literally all I said was "What isn't wrong with Friday?"

Albert Edition says:

I am watching this on a Sunday

Jay / xxamazingjayxx says:

soooo why wasn't she moving her arms towards the end when it became friday night??

Scarleto says:

mmmm, yummy low hanging fruit

Sarah Swan says:

Oh and by the f*** way, She did not ask them to write this song nor did she ask for the music video. Everyone that hates her go jump off a building that has knives at the bottom, Thanks.

Rickki J. says:

Could Jacob Sartorius even talk when this video was made?

Sarah Swan says:

THE F*** VIDEO WAS 5 F*** YEARS AGO B*** Get a f*** life.

A-Train712 Ok says:

The next one should be "Go Gay for Gandalf"

Queen Bea says:

do Saturday next

YuGiOh Kid says:

The answer is in the title Everything!

Violator Lexi says:

This video should have been like 5 seconds long because you should have shown what it was, then said

Smol bean Amanda says:

Can you please do the "kill em with kindness" music video please? Selena Gomez slayys

flodude112 (flodude112) says:

the cringe  hurts

Karmas Camera says:

The sinfulness of this music video has created a…

Everything Wrong With Muse – "Supermassive Black Hole"

Rishi Choudhary says:

It seems weird but Saturday is a really good song I would listen to it: it's actually pretty good

Annie Leonhardt says:

You should've done a bonus round; Every time she says fun, add sins.

Kaedyn Mcclain says:

How was this ONLY uploaded 2 days ago?

CathyCat- Chan says:

Can you do Juju On That Beat Sins?!?!??

Bloody girl says:

It exists
infinite sins

Rachael Williams says:

I think you should have done everything right with Friday.
People have beat it to death enough.

Karter Friday says:

my last name is Friday

Kahmoj says:

Still better than 21 Pilots.

Emma Bean says:

When he said knows how to car I died laughing

josh decoteau says:


Fataday Korngor says:

Everything Wrong With "Don't Wanna Know", please!

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