Mozart for babies brain development-kaleidoscope-Mozart effect-Classical music for babies

Mozart for babies brain development-Classical music for babies brain development-kaleidoscope-Mozart effect for babies brain stimulation-

The original Mozart-effect research looked at the effects of the K448 piano sonata on the performance of spatial IQ tests. Volunteers had to visualize correctly the unfolded shape of a piece of paper that had been folded several times. The performance of those who listened to the Mozart was quantified as being equivalent to a temporary increase in IQ of eight to nine points.

One theory put forward to explain this performance is that areas of the brain involved in processing music overlap those concerned with spatial perception, which become stimulated, or warmed up. But, while some researchers found similar effects, others found none or proposed countertheories, including the suggestion that the increased performance is simply due to people becoming more aroused when exposed to music. As a result, the concept of a Mozart effect has become mired in controversy.

A Mozart effect has also been linked to behavioral and other changes, including stress, depression, arthritis pain, fetal development and performance on eye-test charts. And it is now attracting attention as a potential treatment for epilepsy.

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  1. Arlene Tangalin says:

    Love the kaleidoscope show while listening to Johann Strauss, thnx!

  2. Majoros Gabriella says:

    But it isn't Mozart! It is Strauss walzers!

  3. Paula Nogales Romero -Canarias says:

    el vals El Danubio Azul cómo va a ser de Mozart??

  4. Irma Golubiani says:

    this is Strauss

  5. Peemavat Kaiyasit says:

    เป็นดนตรีที่ไพเราะและวิเศษให้ฟังแล้วเพลิดเพลิน มีสมาธิ ลดความกังวน

  6. kaitlyn zuniga says:

    It's not even the right composer lmfao… I don't have a kid tho, this music is just rad

  7. enter name here says:

    If it's classical music it must be Mozart lol

  8. Angel Angel says:

    That's not Mozart !!!! This is Johann Strauss !!!! ПОЗОРИЩЕ ЭТОГО НЕ ЗНАТЬ !!!

  9. Naomi Elson says:

    soothes my niece in about 20 minutes but makes me want to punch something lol I don't do well with classical music pmsl

  10. Lessly Tisnado says:

    excellent my baby love it

  11. A Patron Of The Arts says:

    Johann Strauss II – The Blue Danube Waltz

  12. Louis de Bruchelongue says:

    pas de mot pour expliquer

  13. Louis de Bruchelongue says:

    pas de mot pour expliquer

  14. Nanasunderi Arokiam says:

    music is so soothing for my nephew. 2 weeks old. i am his aunty 57 yrs old .

  15. Marta Lemanska says:

    That's not Mozart…..

  16. Gary Hendrick says:

    I really like Mozart. When I listen to his music, it relieves all of my strauss

  17. meowtrox1234 says:

    Why can't it be Bach?

  18. steven goh says:

    How to make the adds off?

  19. ALMA ALMA says:


  20. Malu Pezzin says:

    Mais atenção. Não é de Mozart e sim de Strauss.

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