2 losers make a music video

day 33 – having some fun on set 🙂
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snapchat – swifferme
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love u guys 😉

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  1. Paige Smith says:

    I actually can't with Kian at 2:47 holy shit he's so cute

  2. Libby Winchell says:

    Thanks Kian I was in the middle of a drink of my smoothie when u zoomed into your fake pimple, now I need to go barf.

  3. Clarissa Beas says:

    favorite part of the vlog jc:"you have our humor i love it"

  4. jxckyorozco says:

    I wanna play rocks with you guys but I'm not cool enough

  5. Franny McDonald's says:

    What was the intro song?

  6. fresaverano says:

    i need a fucking playlist out of all the songs knj use in their vids

  7. Nicole Fucci says:

    is JC supposed to be Guy Fieri with the blonde hair, eating like hot chicken wings and trying to cool his mouth off with milk. completely wild and out there guess but that's what it looked like lol

  8. jacqueline torres says:

    "Are you vlogging, heeeyyyyyy!!!" LMAO

  9. tayaina says:

    ispy is my fucking favorite song atm I screamed when I heard it in this video

  10. Alexa Cottage says:

    looks like a beautiful day to be in Cali, I love the energy

  11. DerpyRaccoons says:

    So is this channel just a vlog channel now or are they going to continue doing their regular videos on Friday?

  12. Dominique Scott says:

    I love the dancing part😂can't stop laughing

  13. claire_e 23 says:

    Is this on YouTube red? 🙄🙄

  14. Alexes Skyy Garcia says:

    What's that song

  15. Larissa Farina says:

    why are you guys so fucking funny Hhahahshahahahahajjaaj love you so much!! come to Brazil pleaseeee

  16. Cynthia K says:

    Jc's first character reminded me of Guy Fieri

  17. danielle elizabeth says:

    I laughed so fucking hard when he hit his arm on the laptop omg😂 but the ending of this vlog was everything

  18. Maya Mich says:


  19. Jamie Smile says:

    At 58sec JC looks like guy ferri!!!!😂😂😂😂

  20. Julissa Lainez says:

    2:32 who tryed to practice the dance i did 😂

  21. Sydney Moore says:

    This is by far my favorite videos by y'all. Anndddd…I JUST BOUGHTS YOUR BOOK AND I AM FREAKIN PUMPED!

  22. LaNa Fortney says:

    Me: hears iSpy
    Also me: screams the lyrics

  23. Emily dawe says:

    2:48 having like breaking bad flash backs idk why lol

  24. Savannah Wilson says:

    Kian and that one girl would be a cute couple

  25. Samantha Q says:

    Kian looked genuinely so happy when he was given a piggy back ride 😂

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