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  1. margaret gordy says:

    Attn: Violet Pearl you should really change the title of this video it's the late great John Entwistle in this cheesy Robin Leech ( pun intended!) from the 80's not Mr.Pete Townshend know your people Violet!

  2. margaret gordy says:

    I was actually at John's home in the early 90's ….He unfortunately had many addictions & died unnecessarily what a waste of time to forfeit many years of your precious life for drugs…A cautionary tale .Rest in peace WE still miss you the greatest lead bassist EVER Much love now & always xoxo…

  3. Freddie Wood says:

    Thats one hell of a mansion

  4. MARVIN THE BOON says:

    enthwhistle died broke in vegas, morally bankrupt. per pete

  5. John R. says:

    Too bad the taxman took most of it after his death

  6. Jack Dolinsky says:

    Vamaxing. Castle,, Pete. Towshend snd. Johnnentwhistle. Video,,,

  7. VH MV says:

    That's is Zak? the guy with blonde long hair?

  8. Sidd James says:

    poor ole John don't think he had as much as this leads you to believe, still luv the man, that fukin bass

  9. Moonie Hurdy says:

    Please let me see both the visual and audio

  10. Moonie Hurdy says:

    It's just audio

  11. Moonie Hurdy says:

    Where is the video?

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