Peaceful Moments of Worship

Peaceful instrumental music

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  1. Belief is not a work Romans 4:5 says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Please rest in our Lord's salvation. Too many churches today try to put us on a hamster wheel. They say we are saved by grace through faith by simply believing on Jesus, but they will add to that by saying if we aren’t living up to a certain standard, then we are not truly saved. So, most Christians have no assurance, because they are trusting on their own works for proof of salvation rather than the finished work of Christ. Please trust in Christ and Christ alone for your assurance of salvation. That's what it means to rest in Him. Amen ( :

  2. Tema Tour says:

    Listening to this I just understood how much deeper Jesus loves me, that i cant even understand it. That hHe is always with me n guiding me everywhere I go…even when I thought I'm alone, the Holy Spirit has been there comforting me. I love you Holy Spirit for helping me know Jesus every day. I love you n I'm thankful for everything.

  3. His Daughter's Meekness says:


  4. Arianna Aguilar says:


  5. hopeseeker97 says:

    Please pray for my mom as she is on so many meds she thinks she is a bad mom, but she is not she is the best mom I could ever have. And I don't want her to think she is bad. I ask for your prayers. Please, God be with you always.

  6. Courtenay Packer says:

    I am afraid God , I am struggling mentally , please help me and rid me of my strongholds

  7. P Anibal says:

    God bless the hurting, the homeless, the hungry. God reveal to me those in most need and give me the means to reach out and make a difference in Your name. God bless today.

  8. Ava Greaves says:

    beautiful music

  9. Ocky TV says:

    Dia Allah Baik
    Dia Allah Baik
    Dia Allah Baik
    Allah Baik Bagiku

  10. God says:

    Pray for me.

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