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Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy: Buddhist Thai Monks Chanting Healing Mantra

Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy: Buddhist Thai Monks Chanting Healing Mantra. NuMeditationMusic youtube channel is devoted to create a new collection of LONG MEDITATION MUSIC videos for you to relax and enjoy in your daily meditation. In our channel you will find MUSIC playlists dedicated to BINAURAL BEATS, CHAKRA MEDITATION, BUDDHIST MEDITATION and SHAMANIC MEDITATION. Our goal is to enhance your experience of MEDITATION, ASTRAL PROJECTION, LUCID DREAMING and DEEP SLEEP. Check out our selection of PLAYLISTS:


A collection of chakra meditations for balancing & healing all the chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,Third Eye and Crown chakra). This playlist also includes Healing meditations.


A collection of Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy. These mixes are very peaceful and include monk chants of buddhist monks. We also use Tibetan Singing Bowls and these mixes are influenced by Zen Meditation Music.


A great resource for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. The influences of this playlist come from relaxing ambient music, space music and binaural beats. This is also a sleep music playlist.


We use binaural beats several times for this kind of sleep meditations. Our music is also written with the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies like the powerful 528 Hz. These frequencies will induce deep states of relaxation and the binaural beats will stimulate deep meditation states.


We love shamanic music, specially Tuvan Throat Singing and Native American Shamanic Music. These healing meditation tracks will definitely take you on a spiritual journey.


These are simple meditations for beginners or when you don’t have much time to meditate. We include Mindfulness, Zazen and Awareness meditations in these mixes.




Nu Meditation Music


“Our mission is to write music that can impact you in a positive way because we believe music can change people’s lives! We hope you enjoy, and we hope to connect with you again in the near future!”

Photo by H. Koppdelaney & field recording by RTB45 (with several changes, added effects and added instruments) under the Creative Commons license:
Link to the material:
Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat -Thailand

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Dhani Sanghvi says:

Just randomly listened to this it moved me to tears and hit my core, totally unexpected, what a mercy

Lexus Boparai says:

💚💜💚Good to know… thx for sharing💚💜💚

tunkycool says:

Listening to this bring tears to my eyes.
I've been so caught up with the stresses of life.
Deadlines, presentations, finance problems.
And just sitting down here listening to this reminds me to just pause and return to my true self- not labelled by the worldly judgment, pressures, expectations.
Just peace in my mind and gratitude for the teachings of the Buddha.

Sandi Hughes says:

Namaste .

Semona says:

I listen every day. Tank you :-)

Stipe Sisara says:


Sophie Energie says:

Year i very love this music !

Paul Choon says:

this is really good chanting, feeling peace
Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

su pires says:

Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation. Have been listening to it now for 2 years and just love  it .

Yuki Aimee says:

I am so hopeful right now. I can´t wait what the future brings. working on being the greatet Version of myself xD

Deforuto says:

I listen to these every night to hopefully somehow get better at Zennyatta…

Alex Jones says:


Colour My World says:

Studying music for years now. I notice humans have a special connection with vibrations. Sound is a Vibration. It can feel nice (like a vibrating massage machine). You can feel it when meditating/Astral projecting. Everything has a frequency, It's the key of life & I'm pretty sure the 'key of life' (ankh) was an instrument I'm pretty sure. Maybe of the same frequency as Aum, The sacred frequency. You get Chills (aka Vibrations) when going through extremely happy state of being.

Just interesting how everything in out plane is a vibration. Even Time (4th Dimension) is said to be a vibration if you could see it. From your birth to your death, It would look like a vibration, like your hand going back and forth through the 2nd dimension. says:

Why does this music make me feel so sad. =(

yadu says:

this is very soothing and healing. I listen to it whenever I need to heal from some thing. and it helps me with that. thank you for uploading this changing.

juan99997 says:

what does this mantra please?

ксения ерошенко says:

Its very cool music

El Mexicano says:

Might this have a little bit of influence fron mongolian throat singing?

Mikk 4302 says:

I listen to this almost daily. Can't say why yet, just works for me. Amazing

Mikk 4302 says:

I listen to this almost daily. Can't say why yet, just works for me. Amazing

Glenddy Bustamante says:

Soothes my soul.

Lexus Boparai says:

Yoga 🙅Reiki selfi session at 4am😋💚💜💚 .. I've been using this for about a year now… 🙏

syreeta jefferson says:

I love this wow so relaxing

NeonFlash says:

When I listen to it on youtube on my phone. I get super calm cos youtube doesn't let me play it on background, and then I can just only listen to it and not do anything else. And ponder over my existancial crisis, life, true reality and happiness and stuff. Match made in heaven. It's a trip 😆

Etjen Paja says:

Borobudur temple!! Jogyakarta – Indonesia! Been there just one month ago and i found it so amazing :D

Darren Groves says:

Listened to this 10 or so times over the last couple of days. So peaceful but leaves me with so many questions of Buddhism. I'd love to be as pure as those Monks free of life's addictions to everyday things and materialist ways, able to feel free and at ease. Life can be so hectic and stressful, I would say I've lost touch with feeling relaxed and at one but did I ever have that I ask myself….

jo black says:

The best …..thank you 🌗

Nonj Mkhize says:

Thank you.

Nityash Solanki says:

Extremely positive vibes are created listening to holy chants…These holy chants calms our mind and body…Aligns our inner systems…However, negativity that exists in today's world sucks our inner peace in no time :-(

Darren Groves says:

I don't know how I ended up here but I did. Last night I had a crazy night trying to sleep and I woke over and over and it felt like my mind was in a million places at once. Just couldn't relax or get my thoughts together I guess. As soon as I got up this morning I was aware of it and haven't felt myself today. Now I'm searching for Buddhism information and ended up here. Without sounding ignorant I've never a day in my life believed in anything other than the sun will rise and will set so what why an earth I've read up on what I have I don't know, it's not something I've ever thought about.

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