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A Look Back At President Obama’s Greatest Music Moments

Whether he was walking out to DJ Khaled or singing Al Green at the Apollo, Obama’s love of music was ever-present during his time in office. We’ll miss you, Barack.

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Ato says:

Obama was such a good president that there wasn't any way to critique him, so racists and republicans need to make up conspiracies like "he killed millions of innocent people using drones", "founded ISIS" and "exterminated the jews 1939" etc, it's pathetic

unique caleb says:

I not going to lie, but he's actually pretty good singer. 😅

eyy lets go says:

great at speeches, singing, dancing and very charismatic. Those qualities don't help political decision making though

HS says:

greatest president of all time

BrainXTC says:

Simply the best President ever. This fact becomes more apparent every day.

Payton R. says:

G.O.A.T. 🐐

Dwayne says:

I would buy Obama a beer

roscoes wetsuit says:

he can sing though

xXLegit_BallerXx 16 says:

orange is the new black 😂

Francisco Diaz says:

good man good president trump bad person worse pres

RandomOtaku says:

Smoothest. President. Ever.

Eglaf says:

can't wait for his mixtape, it's gonna be fire 🔥🔥

Beck Anderson says:

I wonder what he's gonna do now

neighborhood white boy pussy slayer says:

Obama, you will be missed.

Evaman1001 says:

If only he was as good at being president as he was at making people like him.

Josh Forrest says:

that happy birthday was fire

MJD7 Gaming says:

petition to give obama an extra 4 years

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