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Kali Muscle – GYM IS MY GIRLFRIEND (Music Video)

Gym Is My Girlfriend Music video

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Antreas G says:

I am in injury about 3 months..Ohh I miss my girl

moustachebro4life says:

cant tell if his music videos are for real or parody lol

John Keene says:

when summertime come yaw niggas bangin dis wit da windows down?

socali raised says:

kali muscle make love to those weights, 15 or better topdawg

iioo187 says:

i love your sense for humor 😀
"Oh baby the pump" ahahahahahahah

nomadic3527 says:

this shit go hard 👍

demario jackson says:

it cool to do cokecane  but don't make it weights hum!!!! bratha


Is that planet fitness. Careful watch the lunk alarm.

Efrain Heredia says:

Everyone hating on kali but he bigger then everyone who dislikes his vids 😂

Mdg23x says:

"The Gym Is Like My Girlfriend"

SavageGamingYT 23 says:

Why don't you marry the gym then?!

extremeBrah says:

Got to confuse the fans with the new girlfriend to try make us forget that Kali muscle did G4P

Mr Perfect says:

hahahahahaha my God Kali did it tell truth

Windwar attack says:

This is the best Comedy since Monty Python

BlackSupremist says:

wher yall at?

MiskandarS says:

Gr8 song, but pls remove the moaning sound in the background. I don't wanna have a boner while lifting heavy weights. Tks bop bop.

Drunk Monkey says:

WTF is this?

the gamer 22 challenge 2 says:

what`s that background sound sex noise?

Justin Moore says:

i make sweet luv to her

Phillip Ellis says:

This video hilarious🤣

Tophe Henri says:

Crazy video mouhaaaaaaaa momo's

ANNER-L says:

Xvideo coming soon.!! Kali muscle

Bored Man says:

super cringe

vp MIKE vp says:

good shit Kali

Anthony Washington says:

I will say this about Kali Muscle. In my opinion, he looks more proper than most YouTubers and gives the most mature game. His net worth is 5 million. Like it or not, this man is on his shit!!!

WolverineAvenger says:

Kali has inspired me to go and have sex with my gym. I'm going to cum there all day and night. Thanks Kali Muscle!

shah nutrition and training says:

this is sick and it's catchy the gym is like my girl freind

Lichtblick says:

Best music video i've ever seen!

Jesse Wilder says:

Craig's mom's voice to haters: " you know what your problem is?, YOU AIN'T GOT NO GAINS" 😁💪👈👏

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