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Jhené Aiko Talks Collabing with Big Sean, New Music & What Kind of Maniac She Really Is

Jhené Aiko Talks Collabing with Big Sean, New Music & What Kind of Maniac She Really Is

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Reblogged 2 months ago from


David Deboes says:

Angela yee is annoying

Vince Guerenski says:

she seems shady af !!!

Eazy Ez says:

Jhene Aiko look like a lil mama in the thumbnail 😂😂😂


Yall tripping lol…yall dont know what went on through her relationship lol. Alicia keys did the same sht to swizz beats. Yall bugging

Ricky Spanish says:

Im sensing some light shade from Yee towards Jhene.


I can't believe people are on here disrespecting this woman like this. She is beautiful, talented and down to earth. Seeing these degrading comments from men and women who are judging without knowing the full story is so sad. She is a GROWN woman who is expressing herself, there is nothing wrong with that. Actually listen to her music, nothing fake about what she says.

GossipGurl807 says:

Envy don't know how to raise his daughters lmfaooo 😂

GossipGurl807 says:

Twenty88 was too dope 🔥 I can't wait for new music

VR Snake says:

Why can't my dick be as big as Big Sean's?

GlowBeautyWellness says:

She's beautiful 💜

Donald iloba says:

Charlemagne has to come to the front of the congregation for that dick sucking impersonation …not gonna let you play that one off so quick

Zomiks202 says:

Nigerians are not scammers…let's be clear about that. There are crooks and fraudsters scattered all over the world. The same with good and trustworthy people, they are everywhere. Just to make it clear!

Leeka Bell says:

I'm confused to why people in the comments are calling Jhene a hoe because of the lyrics in her music, she is a grown woman ffs she can talk about whatever she wants and she said she never cheated on her husband, so why is she being called a hoe? y'all (especially you men) love having an excuse to call a woman a hoe even when there isn't any smh

kailadabomb says:

she started gettin nervous in the middle of the video to end lmfao

Sawadaa Harrison says:

Jhene could pass for 18, she is going to age very well.

Andrea O says:

Ayee she's a vegan, squad 💕💕

LifewithQuads says:

What did she do to her faceeeeee?????? I'm gonna assume it's the makeup

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