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Actor shot dead while filming music video

Australian actor Johann Ofner was shot and killed during the filming of a music video for hip hop group Bliss n Eso.

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D K says:

Raps about bustin caps in fake music video.
Gets capped in real life.
Instant karma at its finest.

Victoria Baby says:

R.I.P man

crab_aesthetics says:

Ultimate street cred. He a real nigga now.

Ain't no Slice says:

CNN is infested by retarded alt-right trolls. They'll claim everything is fake (no matter how many other stations report it) to further their retarded agendas.

Jojew says:

Cuck shot dead

Jason Boonie says:

Hip-hop Rap is very peaceful and creates Non Racial world….

x Courtney WPWW x says:

Hippity Hop is fake music for thugs.
CNN is fake news for libtards.

Pugking Thugging says:

Who shot 'im fookin' deed, maait? This is fookin' ridiculous, rauight, maait?
Oi fink this is anover fookin' faik noos they'r spooin', innit, maait?

Ren Hoek says:

I guess he "died of natural causes"

Qflick says:

All these jealous haters are the ones that will burn in hell. Heaven awaits you….crossover. RIP

Xvii Viicl says:

Australia in the news again? psyops confirmed!

Louis Greenleaf says:

Can't believe that people think this is fake. If you do then you must have no brain cells.

DeskAgent says:

"Actor shot dead while filming music video" — Has this been verified by a real news agency?

AaronP11 says:

Why do they put real bullets in the gun if it is just for a music video? And why don't they actually test it right before filming (because any earlier time allows for the gun to be tampered)?

Zep Tepi says:


Adam Celadin says:

Who Shot Ya ?

me heretoday says:

RIP young man… a loss to your family … thinking of them today

kanukster says:

The world can spare a few more idiots like him.

me heretoday says:

To all the trolls and the Trump groupies calling this fake news…show some respect for the family and friends…even if Trump calls it fake news this is actually real and all you are doing is showing what arseholes trump supporters are by calling his death FAKE… what a foul group you all are

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