2 HOUR LONG PIANO MIX- Concentration Music, Study Music, Relaxing Music for Studying, Soothing Music

This is a 2 hour compilation mix of piano music I have written, with heavy emphasis of my piece “Wish the Moon.” This mix primarily for people who want to use “Wish the Moon” as part of their study playlist, but don’t want to listen to the same song for 2 hours in a row. Happy studying everyone!!!

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Relaxing, Instrumental Background Music to Help You Study and Focus.
Type: Instrumental Piano and Cello
“Wish the Moon”
“Sakura Falls”
“Starlight Memories”
“Etoile Filante”
…to name a few..I can’t remember them all lol.

MUSIC BY DENNIS KUO, MD (Composer, Musician, Doctor)

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My name is Dennis Kuo, and I am a resident physician. I am also the MUSIC COMPOSER of the Study Music Project. With my inhumane amount of exam cramming experience and music production, I bring to you my original pieces of study music to help you relax, focus, and concentrate.

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Music composition, arrangement, performance, and production by Dennis Kuo
Artwork by Dennis Kuo

Artwork and Music Copyright 2016 Dennis Kuo. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Ruizi Zhang says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing music with us.Your music is wonderful!

  2. Mia Huang says:

    Your music is so beautiful. You deserve more subscribers!


    legit a loop of regurgitation if burgish Gir swordfish die wu June df doeth this is what happens when you use Grammarly don't get it

  4. IceCrossFire says:

    Sounds like Howl's Moving Castle kind of music. <3

  5. Alvin Paris says:

    Love your work bro x

  6. Prithviraj Belode says:

    such a nice music …
    LOVE IT …

  7. kagnomi says:

    The bird chirps always freaked me out like "omg what time is it?? how long have I been studying?!"

  8. MsSHINeeONEW says:

    Studying for Treasury and investment hohoho

  9. Renáta Foris says:

    Really beautiful song compilation..makes me always calm! :)

  10. Tara Su says:

    I've been listening to this for almost everyday. Thanks for such a beautiful music <3

  11. Michael Ritchey says:

    Beautiful. Thanks!

  12. 陳穎生 says:

    Love it!!

  13. koekoek hii says:

    I love it

  14. Shahriar Hussain Rumon says:

    your great

  15. 김도윤 says:

    집중이잘되네요 너무 좋아요!

  16. ida kumalasari says:

    really love your music, it helps me a lot to focus and work , please create more music

  17. huda aroudaky says:

    it is very good music 😊😊

  18. DPRK song, movie, arirang game, ski tour, trip says:


  19. Nate Le says:

    I swear some of these songs are just re-used. Like, bruh

  20. Saitama says:

    Who is that bozo that disliked this?…

  21. r Falamsyah says:

    it always make me calm and happy when i hear this

  22. Fatima Gomez says:

    I remember coming across this channel in middle/high school, and I still come back to it especially now that I'm in college. Thank you so much for helping me get through this!

  23. Pickzela says:

    This music always helps me out with my studying thanks a lot! The music is always great too! :)

  24. John Nguyen says:

    final exam today. like this comment to support me

  25. Crux says:

    Thanks! 😀 I'm on study break now.. I'll be exams soon :(

  26. SIHYUN says:

    wow thanks a lot

  27. zTroxy says:

    Just in time… thank you! Subscribed!

  28. rebekah pitpitan says:

    Thank you so much for composing all this beautiful music and putting it together in compilations 🙂 Your music really gives me a positive mindset to keep working. Again, thanks for everything!

  29. a mallette says:

    I'm a suckered for "bemol" music.

  30. a mallette says:

    hoping this music helps me figuring out where to go; where to move.

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